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Knots Landing (1979 - 1993)

Knots Landing (1979 - 1993)





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A new clan of Ewings hits the air---and the sheets---in this `Dallas' spin-off set on a cul-de-sac in Southern California and centering on the exploits of recovering alcoholic Gary Ewing (brother of J.R.), his wife and their friends---and enemies. The hugely successful drama outlasted all other nighttime soaps of the '80s, running for 14 seasons. Trivia note: Even though Bobby Ewing's death (famously) turned out to be only a dream on `Dallas,' he remained dead in the `Knots Landing' universe.

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1992, CBS, 19 episodes

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1991, CBS, 22 episodes

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1990, CBS, 27 episodes

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1989, CBS, 29 episodes

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1988, CBS, 28 episodes

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1987, CBS, 29 episodes

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1986, CBS, 30 episodes

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1985, CBS, 30 episodes


Ted Shackelford
as Gary Ewing
Joan Van Ark
as Val Ewing Gibson Waleska
Michele Lee
as Karen Fairgate MacKenzie
James Houghton
as Kenny Ward
Kim Lankford
as Ginger Ward
John Pleshette
as Richard Avery
Don Murray
as Sid Fairgate
Constance McCashin
as Laura Avery Sumner
Doug Sheehan
as Ben Gibson
Claudia Lonow
as Diana Fairgate
Pat Petersen
as Michael Fairgate
Steve Shaw
as Eric Fairgate
Hunt Block
as Peter Hollister
Donna Mills
as Abby Cunningham Ewing Sumner
Danny Gellis
as Jason Avery
Tonya Crowe
as Olivia Dyer
Julie Harris
as Lilimae Clements
Danny Ponce
as Jason Avery
Kevin Dobson
as M. `Mack' Patrick MacKenzie
Bobby Jacoby
as Brian Cunningham
Lisa Hartman
as Ciji Dunne/Cathy Geary Rush
Matthew Newmark
as Jason Avery
Douglas Sheehan
as Ben Gibson
William Devane
as Gregory Sumner
Danielle Brisebois
as Mary-Frances Sumner
Stacy Galina
as Mary-Frances Sumner/Kate Whittaker
Millie Perkins
as Jane Sumner
Alec Baldwin
as Joshua Rush
Howard Duff
as Paul Galveston
Ava Gardner
as Ruth Galveston
Teri Austin
as Jill Bennett
Leslie Hope
as Linda Martin
Nicollette Sheridan
as Paige Matheson
Michelle Phillips
as Anne W. Matheson
Red Buttons
as Al Baker
Lynne Moody
as Patricia Williams
Larry Riley
as Frank Williams
Kent Masters-King
as Julie Williams
Sam Behrens
as Danny Waleska
Kathleen Noone
as Claudia Whittaker
Halle Berry
as Debbie Porter
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Dec 27, 1979
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Michael Filerman, David Jacobs, John Romano
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