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Kung Fu (1972 - 1975)

Kung Fu (1972 - 1975)





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Influential series about a Buddhist monk in search of his long-lost brother in the American West of the 1870s while dodging Chinese officials after him for killing a member of the imperial family.

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1974, ABC, 24 episodes

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1973, ABC, 23 episodes

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1972, ABC, 15 episodes


David Carradine
as Kwai Chang Caine
Keye Luke
as Master Po
Philip Ahn
as Master Kan
Radames Pera
as Young Caine
Luke Keye
as Master Po
James Hong
as Men Han
L.Q. Jones
as Sergeant
John Carradine
as Serendipity
Albert Salmi
as Irish Miner
Stefan Gierasch
as A Mad Scotsman
Jim Davis
as Walker
Nancy Kwan
as Mayli Ho
Clu Gulager
as Sheriff
Norman Alden
as Sheriff
Will Geer
as Judge Marcus
Jack Elam
as Farmer
Myron Healey
as Captain Malachy
John Vernon
as Cantrell
Ed Nelson
as Sheriff
Tom Nardini
as Matoska
Andrew Duggan Mako
as Sheriff Boggs
Aimee Eccles
as Cloud Shadow
Moses Gunn
as Montolla
William Smith
as Staggers
David Canary
as Frank Grogan
Alan Fudge
as Bob Gardner
Diana Douglas
as Sister Richardson
Judy Pace
as Jenny
James Shigeta
as Former Shaolin Master
Khigh Dhiegh
as Sing Lu Chan
John Anderson
as Benjamin Dundee
Morgan Woodward
as Powerful Rancher
as Wong Ti Lu
Don Knight
as Darrow
Victor French
as Sheriff Pool
Charles Dierkop
as Traphagen
Julio Medina
as Father Salazar
Fritz Weaver
as Hillquist
Irene Tedrow
as Mrs. Stekel
Evan C. Kim
as Lieutenant
Clare Nono
as Mei Ming
Harrison Ford
as Harrison
Don Stroud
as Neulin
Brian Tochi
as Shen Ung
Robert Urich
as Greg Dundee
Nobu McCarthy
as Mrs. Swan
Laurie Prange
as Gretchen
Richard Caine
as Wade Grogan
France Nuyen
as Lady Ching
Joe Renteria
as Tall Fire
Tina Chen
as Chinese girl
Fred Sadoff
as Bannack
Henry Darrow
as Don Fierro
Leslie Charleson
as Army Officer's Wife
John Dennis
as Dinsmore
Rance Howard
as Sheriff
John Saxon
as Bounty Hunter
Jodie Foster
as Alethea
Lynda Day George
as Southern Belle
Jan Sterling
as Mary Jenkins
Joe Santos
as Sanjero
as Thief
Charles Aidman
as Dr. Cooper
Fred Beir
as Gallagher
Pepe Serna
as Los Vidrios
Scott Hylands
as Saunders
Kelly Thordsen
as Mule Jesse
Tom Reese
as Sheriff
Lew Ayres
as Aging Photographer
Andrew Prine
as Fugitive
Robert Foxworth
as Texas Ranger
Barry Atwater
as Thurmond
Don Johnson
as Indian Lad
Ron Soble
as Sheriff
Sondra Locke
as Young Woman
Mae Mercer
as Elizabeth
Lee Paul
as Gilchrist
Pat Hingle
as A sheriff
Tim Matheson
as Army Lieutenant
Joe Maross
as Sheriff
Gilbert Roland
as Padre Braganza
Jock Mahoney
as Davidson
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Oct 14, 1972
Genre: Action & Adventure
Executive Producer: Jerry Thorpe
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