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La Femme Nikita (1997 - 2001)

La Femme Nikita (1997 - 2001)





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Young, beautiful and condemned to death for a vicious crime she didn't commit, Nikita is given a second chance to live as a secret government assassin, an elite operative for a clandestine organization known as Section One.

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2001, USA, 8 episodes

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2000, USA, 22 episodes

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1999, USA, 22 episodes

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1998, USA, 22 episodes

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1997, USA, 22 episodes


Lawrence Bayne
as Davenport
Cindy Dolenc
as Kate Quinn
Carlo Rota
as Schtoppel
Stephen Shellen
as Det. Marco O'Brien, O'Brien
Edward Woodward
as Mr. Jones
Callum Keith Rennie
as Gray, Gray Wellman
Nigel Bennett
as Col. Petrosian
Yvonne Sciò
as Lisa Fanning
Lindsay Collins
as Medical Operative
Jeffrey Scott Grice
as Bruce Matches/Fredrick Matches
Tobin Bell
as Bauer, Perry Bowers
Paul Miller
as Janklow
Lara Rhodes
as Tatyana
Colm Feore
as Voice of Brutus
Robbi Jay Thuet
as Casey Wellman
Sam Moses
as Perez
Simon MacCorkindale
as Alec Chandler
Diego Matamoros
as Maj. Frankel
Harris Yulin
as Gregor Kessler
Donna Christo
as Danielle
James Downing
as Scar Man
Richard Fagon
as Cryo-Tech No. 1
Simon Gerard
as Cryo-Tech No. 2
Ric Waugh
as Simon
Maxwell Caulfield
as Helmut Volker
Janet Lo
as Chan Park
Bill MacDonald
as Giddion Van Vactor
Gerry Mendicino
as George Hardin
Brian Poth
as Darwin
James Vezina
as Bellhop
Douglas O'Keefe
as David Fanning
John Evans
as Guy Maygar
Valerie Boyce
as Stephanie
Jean Daigle
as Kreizel
William Colgate
as Shadowy Man
David Blacker
as Mark Freeman
Oliver Becker
as Jack Crane
Kira Clavell
as Jasmine
Greg Campbell
as Drag Queen
David Dunbar
as Tour Guide
Kevin Connelly
as Injured Operative
Philip Williams
as Jerico Perez
Ted Ludzik
as Dekker
Kelly Fiddick
as Frank Thorn
Tony Nappo
as Marco Dean
Jim Codrington
as Det. Delray Jackson
Yuval Daniel
as Leon Elder
Denise Fergusson
as Woman in Bank
John Ho
as Janitor
Fred Lee Own
as Premier Hua Feng
Dan Pawlick
as Vincent Shirov
Alan Mozes
as Richard J. Spidel
Roy Lewis
as Jennel
Brian Smegal
as Man in Office
Alexandra Stapley
as Young Nikita
Tony Curtis Blondell
as Construction Worker
Austin Di Iulio
as Jerico's Son
James Kirchner
as Operative
Ravinder Toor
as Prisoner
Tom D. Bates
as Man in Suit
Mary Moore
as Griffin
Robbie Rox
as Stokes
Kay Valley
as Operative #2
Kim Bourne
as Blonde Girl
Ted Whittall
as Loan Officer
Stefan Brogren
as Security Guard
Steve Byers
as Operative
Leanne Adachi
as Operative
Barbara Stern
as Woman at Customs
Pierre Trudel
as French Waiter
Mohammed Miftah
as 1st Terrorist
Gerry Salsberg
as Tribunal Man
Robin McCulloch
as Controller
Frank Tiefenbach
as Limo Driver
William Corno
as Red Jacket Guy
Arnie Achtman
as Security Guard
Lisa Richardson
as Female Hacker
Dwayne Hill
as Businessman
Hamish Robertson
as Man at Elegra
Marc Cohen
as Hester
Jane Luk
as Paramedic
Paul Noiles
as Bouncer
Kurtys Kidd
as Man in Restaurant
George Santino
as 2nd Terrorist
Harve Sotoloff
as Colleague
Ho Chow
as Terrorist #2
Tony Meyler
as Entrance Guard
Ian White
as Servant
B.J. McQueen
as Bodyguard
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TV Network: USA
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Jay Firestone, Rocco Matteo
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