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Laverne & Shirley (1976 - 1983)

Laverne & Shirley (1976 - 1983)





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Long-running slapstick sitcom (with a great theme song) about two single Milwaukee women sharing an apartment and working at a brewery in the 1950s. Their circle of friends included oddballs Lenny and Squiggy, and Shirley's sweet boyfriend Carmine. A spin-off from `Happy Days,' it relied more on physical comedy than its parent show and was actually more successful, becoming the No. 1 show in its second year. Before the end of its run, the girls moved to L.A. A cartoon version aired in 1981.

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1982, ABC, 23 episodes

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1981, ABC, 22 episodes

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1980, ABC, 22 episodes

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1979, ABC, 26 episodes

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1978, ABC, 24 episodes

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1977, ABC, 24 episodes

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1976, ABC, 23 episodes

Critics Consensus: Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams make for a hilarious duo who are easy to root for, but their big dreams feel constrained by this sitcom's retrograde take on women's lib.

1976, ABC, 15 episodes


Penny Marshall
as Laverne DeFazio
Cindy Williams
as Shirley Feeney
Michael McKean
as Leonard `Lenny Kosnowski
David L. Lander
as Andrew `Squiggy' Squiggman
Phil Foster
as Frank DeFazio
Eddie Mekka
as Carmine Ragusa
Betty Garrett
as Edna Babish DeFazio
Carole Ita White
as Rosie Greenbaum
Ed Marinaro
as Sonny St. Jacques
Harry Shearer
as Announcer
William L. Sumper
as Concessionaire
Richard Stahl
as Marshall Stewart
Doris Hess
as Dolores
Charles Frank
as Jerry Callahan
Norman Bartold
as Mr. Bardwell
Vicki Lawrence
as Sgt. Plout
Kip Gilman
as Dr. Sandor
Jack Lukes
as Guy #1
Rose Michtom
as Mrs. Kolchek
Paul Willson
as Eraserhead
Jack Perkins
as Patient
Penny Santon
as Grandma DeFazio
Helen Page Camp
as Mrs. Havenwurst
Byron Webster
as Warren Tompkins
Ron Howard
as Richie
Wayne Powers
as Officer Battaglia
Linda Gillen
as Amy Babish
Timothy Blake
as Veronica
Joseph Hacker
as Dr. Lawler
Hamilton Camp
as Rags (Mr. Burns)
Lynne Stuart
as Barbara
Ron Prince
as Man on Phone
Billy Curtis
as Roger Robot
Greg Lewis
as Wolfgang Gessler
Mickey Deems
as Capt. Shmidt
Troy Donahue
as Himself
John Hayes
as George Morris
Garry Marshall
as Drum Player
Carl Ballantine
as Lionel T. Zimmmerman
Murphy Dunne
as Reporter
John Lansing
as Anthony
Anjelica Huston
as Geraldine
Julie Payne
as Charmayne
Mitchell Laurance
as The Director
Morgan Upton
as Photographer
Kenneth Gilman
as Dr. Sandor
Jim Greenleaf
as Lyle Nowicki
Sandy Roveta
as Mrs. Anderson
Richard Moll
as Hightide
Larry Hankin
as Tall Dancer
Julie Brown
as Secretary
Conrad Janis
as Mr. Ripper
Kathryn Fuller
as Ernestine
Jack Somack
as Officer Newman
Peggy Doyle
as Milwaukee Mission Mercy Lady
Louis Nye
as Clark
Michele Bernath
as Nurse Hoblit
Tim Jerome
as Dr. Schoenbroom
Robin Bach
as Mr. Pennington
Al Molinaro
as Father Flannagin
Francine Kessler
as Leonetta Pike
Hugh Hefner
as Himself
Bill Fiore
as Franklin
Fred Dryer
as Lifeguard
John Edwards
as Stage Manager
Bob Perlow
as Promoter
Louise Lasser
as Sister Margaret
Tim Thomerson
as Silky Mulcheck
Ed Peck
as Packer Fan
Doug Cox
as Beatnik
Chuck Pierce
as MacGuffin
Dee Marcus
as Reception Nurse
Stubby Kaye
as Cowboy Bill
Ilene Graff
as Monique
Paul Sand
as David
Fran Ryan
as Mother Superior
Roy Stuart
as `Buzz' Anderson
Charles Pierce
as MacGuffin
Gary Epp
as Pvt. Duff
Bill Moray
as Priest
Leland Palmer
as Gloria Lubitz
David W. Duclon
as Vincent Van Eagle
Howard Mann
as Grand Bass
Dick Yarmy
as Ludwig
Larry Gelman
as Chuck Malone
Michael Spound
as Lift Operator
Jeff Goldblum
as Laverne's Date
Wendy Cutler
as Viviana
Robert Hogan
as Bullets
Roger Til
as Maitre D'
Vern Rowe
as Professor
Ed Greenberg
as Max Jr.
Robert Alda
as Harrison
Dennis Haysbert
as Shore Patrolman
Merie Earle
as First Lady
Carole Cook
as Mrs. Harmon
Jim Mills
as Policeman
Joanna Kerns
as Monique
DeVera Marcus
as Esmerelda
Marcia Rodd
as Hillary
Mary Treen
as Nana Shotz
George Memmoli
as Uncle Tom
Janice Carroll
as Mrs. Lasagna
Paul Kreppel
as Raphael
Mary Tiffany
as Mrs. Dorfman
Paul Barselou
as Eulogist
Harold Oblong
as Deliveryman
Richard Young
as Charles Warner
Penny Stanton
as Grandma DeFazio
Don Potter
as Big Hollywood Producer
Frank Ashmore
as Bachelor No. 1
John Brent
as Shasta
Christopher Weeks
as Monty Shore
Lyman Ward
as Tom Shotz
Sandra Wirth
as Lucille
Susan Stone
as Beatrice
Frances E. Williams
as Mrs. Bellini
Lu Leonard
as Dottie
Dick Shawn
as Gatekeeper
John Moskoff
as Store Detective
Robert Cornthwaite
as Dr. Futoran
Lindsey Bloom
as Nurse Krevsky
Rosemary Prinz
as Mrs. Latimer
Donna Garrett
as Red Team Member
Joi Staton
as Hostess
Wolf Muser
as Heinrich
Jerry Belson
as Mr. Wardcraft
Shirley O'Hara
as Mrs. Ramsdale
Janet Brady
as Red Team Member
Kathryn Ish
as Mrs. Stewart
Mel Scott
as Ronald
Deborah White
as Claudette
Don Bexley
as Rev. Larry
Ted Danson
as Fireman
Jim Lange
as Jim Lange
Toni Basil
as Mickie
Robin Menken
as Christine
Steve Doubet
as Johnny Pulse
Deborah Harmon
as Receptionist
Robert Casper
as Max Gruber
John Fink
as Mortician
Dee Gardner
as Cricket
Bob Basso
as Security Guard
Howard Hesseman
as Dr. Grayson
Carl Gottlieb
as Station Master
Paul Wilson
as Eraserhead
Sarah Lilly
as Waitress
Tim Stack
as Teller
Will Hunt
as Preacher
Joie Magidow
as Pvt. Walker
Julie Paris
as 3rd Mother
Paddi Edwards
as Receptionist
Diane Sommerfield
as Blue Team Member
Paula-Marie Moody
as Blue Team Member
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Jan 27, 1976
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Thomas L. Miller, Edward K. Milkis, Garry Marshall
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