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Legend of the Seeker (2008 - 2010)

Legend of the Seeker (2008 - 2010)





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Action-fantasy series based on Terry Goodkind's 'Sword of Truth' books, filmed in New Zealand by the producers of 'Hercules' and 'Xena: Warrior Princess.'

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2009, ABC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Legend of the Seeker aspires to high fantasy but feels too derivative of more imaginative fairy tales, though viewers in search of lush vistas may get a kick from the series' gorgeous New Zealand backdrop.

2008, ABC, 22 episodes


Craig Horner
as Richard Cypher
Craig Parker
as Darken Rahl
Jay Lagai'aia
as Jason Brandstone
Jolene Blalock
as Sister of the Dark
Emily Foxler
as Sister Nicci
Gabriel Mann
as Young Zedd
Alison Bruce
as Sister Verna
Elizabeth Blackmore
as Sister Marianna
Kevin J. Wilson
as Gen. Egremont
Ted Raimi
as Sebastian
Toby Leonard Moore
as Prince Fyren
Andrew Laing
as Duke Anders
Aimee Teegarden
as Annabelle
Paul Barrett
as Master Rahl
Ben Fransham
as Man/Nygaax
William Morgan Sheppard
as Voice of the Keeper
Tandi Wright
as Mord 'Sith
Miriama Smith
as Du' Chaillu
Nathan Rimell
as Lt. Rankin
Michael Nouri
as Frederick
Gina Holden
as Lucinda
Ian Mune
as Silas
Parker Stevenson
as The Margrave
Faye Smythe
as Sister Marissa
Jed Brophy
as Shadrin
Michael Hallows
as Capt. Takoda
Jay Ryan
as Alastair
David Wooley
as Lord Callum
John Bach
as Herald
Peter Vere Jones
as Corracticus Zorander
David de Lautour
as Michael Cypher
Paul Barrett
as Master Rahl
Renato Bartolomei
as Demmin Nass
Josh Randall
as Rourick
Peter Daube
as Gen. Grix
Richard Dey
as Lt. Horace
Rachael Blampied
as Duchess Drucilla
Nick Kemplen
as D'Haran Lieutenant
Jonathan Hodge
as Burly Stranger
Janine Burchett
as Sister Katharine
Lachlan Parkinson
as Bearded Man
Sarah Pratt
as Sister Everleen
Brett Tucker
as Phillip
Yvette Reid
as Sister Aryn
Neil Rea
as Harkin
James Gaylan
as Cmdr. Trimack
Meryl Main
as Sister Ulicia
Lucy Schmidt
as Millicent
Sam Snedden
as Young Panis Rahl
Hannah Banks
as Sister Greta
Brett Coutts
as Gabriel
Kirstie O'Sullivan
as Sister Philomena
Gareth Williams
as Young Thaddicus
Campbell Cooley
as Highwayman
Nigel Godfrey
as Gen. Bain
Elliot Lawless
as Teenage Boy
Des Wallace
as Slave Hunter
Robert Owens Scott
as D'Haran Soldier
Angela Shirley
as Gwendolyn
Vaughan Slinn
as D'Haran Sergeant
Serena Cotton
as Sister Dulcina
Adam Gardiner
as Captain of the Gaurd
Vanessa Riddell
as Sister Elizabeth
Callum Stembridge
as D'Haran Soldier
Hanna Hegan
as Sister Anya
Meryl Cassie
as Courtesan
Harriet Urlich
as Sister Tyra
Sophie Henderson
as Sister Deidre
Glen Levy
as Confessed D'Haran
Katie Fitchett
as Sister Karyn
Mark Clare
as Ogilby
Chad Mills
as Dying Soldier
Kyle Pryor
as D'Haran Walter
Allan Henry
as Dying D'Haran
Peter Cox
as Brother Matthew
Kelly Kilgour
as Woodsman
Peter Webster
as Old Richard
Shavaughn Ruakere
as Mistress Sara
Joshua Winger
as Aide-de-Camp
Ralph Johnson
as Brother Blaine
Syd Mannion
as Tavern Keeper
Leand Macadaan
as Angry Citizen
Aleisha Boyes
as Sister of the Dark
Andrew Robertt
as Ranssyn Fane
Mick Rose
as Abbot Henry
James Gaylyn
as Cmdr. Trimack
Caroline Brazier
as Miss Crantan/Mistress Naithar
Jeffrey Thomas
as George Cypher
Paul McLaughlin
as Capt. Arturis
Todd Rippon
as Gen. Dormander
Tim Foley
as Sirian
Nick Kemplen
as D'Haran Lieutenant
Michael Hurst
as Amfortas
Kirk Torrance
as Krillmark
Paul Ellis
as Brother Bertrand
Ella Edward
as Young Cara
Jennifer Rucker
as Emma Brandstone
Don Hany
as Capt. Ensor
Jason Hoyte
as Gwildor
Glen Drake
as Cara's Father
Catherine Stephen
as Laura Brandstone
Jason Hood
as Cmdr. Craden
Jessica Chapnik
as Anna Brighton
Dean O'Gorman
as Carver Dunn
Colin Moy
as Ashgar
Maisy McLeod-Riera
as Princess Violet
Niles Braggindor
as Barnie Duncan
Ken Blackburn
as Brother Joseph
Jeff Szusterman
as Capt. Frannick
Chris Easley
as Sgt. Brax
Carl Bland
as King Gregor
Nick Blake
as Speaker
Lesley-Ann Brandt
as Sister Thea
Geraldine Brophy
as Queen Milena
Fraser Brown
as Sgt. Frye
Judy McIntosh
as Tarralyn
Brian Moore
as Cmdr. Marek
Ross Girven
as Brother Edward
Gus Youngman
as William
Evan Matthews
as Kranthor
Edwin Wright
as Morcant
John Atkinson
as Capt. Krimmel
Michael Dwyer
as Brother Tovas
Tony Wood
as Constable
Hori Ahipene
as Gunther
Peter Feeney
as Otto Nyth
Jon Brazier
as Thaddicus
James Nola
as Teen Darken Rahl
Kate Webby
as Courtesan
Stephen Ure
as Benedict
Charles Unwin
as Field Commander Trymann
Matthew Saville
as Capt. Flynne
Lauren Porteous
as Nella Greenleaf
Owain Pennington
as D'Haran Guard
John Leigh
as Selick
Miranda Wilson
as Healer Woman
Matthew Chamberlain
as Capt. Ericon
Patrick Kake
as Cmdr. Erryll
Daniel Coppersmith
as D'Haran Sergeant
Kieran Price
as Handsome Young Man
Brittany Wakelin
as Young Grace
Phil Brooks
as Conor Greenleaf
Jeff Whiting
as Cmdr. Ducat
Molly Daley
as Blind Girl
Jacob Tomuri
as Lt. Bram
Richard Lambeth
as Lt. Theron
Tim Raby
as Mayor
Isaac Hamon
as Young D'Haran Soldier
Ryan Hurst
as Nicholas
Alex Catchpole-Ozpinar
as Young Tarralyn
Millen Baird
as D'Haran Lieutenant
Daniel Cowley
as Nicholas
Mick Innes
as Duncan
Jack Hurst
as Nicholas
Stuart Thorp
as Soldier
Ash Lomberg
as D'Haran Sentry
Kate O'Rourke
as Cara's Mother
Joy Watson
as Old Shota
Erika Takacs
as Crying Woman
Chanel Liquori
as Mord'Sith
Lynette Redmond
as Terrified Woman
Paul Shapcott
as D'Haran Soldier
Chris Bailey
as Old Man
Hannah Janes
as Marilee
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Nov 1, 2008
Genre: Action & Adventure
Executive Producers: Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, Joshua Donen, Ned Nalle, Kenneth Biller
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