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Life in Pieces (2015 - 2019)

Life in Pieces (2015 - 2019)






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The comedic crises of a single family are seen through the eyes of each of its members, including the patriarch, who's turning 70; his wife, who'll do just about anything for those she loves so long as she agrees with it; their daughter, who's the mother of three; one son who's moved back home; and their coddled youngest son and his wife.
Creator: Justin Adler

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2019, CBS, 13 episodes

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2017, CBS, 22 episodes

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2016, CBS, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Life in Pieces' strong cast delivers funny, offbeat stories even if they're not always relatable.

2015, CBS, 22 episodes


James Brolin
as John Short
Dianne Wiest
as Joan Short
Betsy Brandt
as Heather
Colin Hanks
as Greg Short
Thomas Sadoski
as Matt Short
Hunter King
as Clementine Hughes
Martin Mull
as Gary Timpkins
Cary Elwes
as Prof. Sinclair Wilde
Susan Park
as Dr. Sally Hong
Stephnie Weir
as Bernadette
JB Smoove
as Darryl
Jordan Black
as Hotel Manager
Alison Rich
as Kalliope
Oscar Nunez
as Dr. Escobar
Shaan Sharma
as Abraham
Lilan Bowden
as Waitress
Jeff Probst
as Himself
Charlie Puth
as Himself
Ty Barnett
as Dabney
Russell Peters
as Dr. Tak Oh
Kurt Warner
as Himself
Annie Sertich
as Tittianna
Joey King
as Morgan
Exie Booker
as Policeman
Norma Micheals
as Mrs. Gurney
Amy Hill
as Principal Bundy
Richard Marx
as Buddy Daquiri
Padma Lakshmi
as Stephanie
Megan Mullally
as Mary-Lynn
Andy Richter
as Julius Black
Julie Chen
as Boss's Wife
Joanna Cassidy
as Charlotte
Alek C. Unszusz
as Irving Rosenblatt
Lyle Lovett
as Ned Gawler
Bokeem Woodbine
as Officer Wood
Jordan Hinson
as Stephanie
Diora Baird
as Jackie Seiden
Stacie Greenwell
as Delivery Nurse
Mary Scheer
as Marta Pigeon
Omid Zader
as Roofer
Rawle Lewis
as Pharmacist
Beth Geiger
as Virginia
Bianca Haase
as Clarinda
Brian Van Holt
as Wayne Winger
Biff Wiff
as Mr. Sissel
Richard Voigts
as Groaning Man
Darsan Solomon
as Jake Dawe
Kotaro Watanabe
as Asian Businessman
John Eddins
as Dr. H. Ardshell
Zylan Brooks
as Alpha Mom
Kai Scott
as Mario
Cassie Naber
as Beverly
Lars Slind
as Ronald
Anne Stedman
as Sangria
Peter Banifaz
as TSA Agent Klein
Tatiana Carr
as Receptionist
David Beckford
as Dr. Tom Alles
Nanrisa Lee
as Valerie
Nora Dunn
as Carol
Jon Daly
as Steffan
Elsa Ramon
as Reporter
Kiva Jump
as Patty
Mark L. Young
as Scarecrow
Alejandro Patiño
as Store Owner
Frank Crim
as Art Sturgeon
Mark Berry
as Funeral Home Director
Hawk Walts
as Rodney
Jean-Pierre Romano
as Healthy Man
Jill Johnson
as Keifer's Mom
Phillip Jarrell
as Mailroom Mark
Tammy Dahlstrom
as Gate Agent Klugman
Michael Lanahan
as Dr. Nopunn
Michael Lanahan
as Dr. Nopunn
Keeshan Giles
as TSA Agent Lasman
Danielle Acoff
as Dancer #1
Lindsley Allen
as Dancer #2
Jason Heymann
as Prince Charming
Suzanne Gutierrez
as Gate Agent Shattuck
Anthony Holiday
as Coach Murray
Cynthia Rose Hall
as Gate Agent Blum
Paul Barris
as Dancer #3
Fatimah Taliah
as Fire Marshal Mull
Jordan Dodderer
as Dancer #4
Susan Giosa
as Dancer #5
Ravi Naidu
as Gate Agent Croom
Nicole Pettis
as Ticket Agent Madison
Desi Jevon
as Dancer #7
Alison Rood
as Jordana
Mark Kanemura
as Dancer #8
Daryl Wein
as Elijah
Zuzana Humplova
as Dancer #9
Mariah Perkins
as Dancer #10
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