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Lost (2004 - 2010)

Lost (2004 - 2010)





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Forty-eight passengers miraculously survive an air crash only to be stranded on a scary island. With the trauma of the nightmarish crash still in their minds, the passengers have to put up with differences, hostility, predators and more. What does the future have in store for them?

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Critics Consensus: Lost's shift in central mythology won't satisfy all viewers, but persistent fans will find solace in the show's strong performances and continued dedication to its themes.

2009, ABC, 18 episodes

Critics Consensus: Though it introduces yet more unanswered questions, Season 5 of Lost also moves quickly, covers more character development, and fleshes out its rich world further for hungry fans.

2009, ABC, 17 episodes

Critics Consensus: Lost regains its mojo in a fourth season that reaffirms the show's place as one of TV's most unique undertakings.

2008, ABC, 14 episodes

Critics Consensus: Lost asks its audience to suspend their disbelief in ways that can be extremely trying for the grounded sci-fi show, but its character-driven plot holds season three together.

2006, ABC, 23 episodes

Critics Consensus: This sophomore season goes smoothly down the hatch, deepening both the mysteries of the island and the depth of its castaways.

2005, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Unpredictable and addictive, Lost is a new kind of TV mystery that grips as often as it guffaws.

2004, ABC, 25 episodes


Maggie Grace
as Shannon
Yunjin Kim
as Sun, Sun Kwon
Harold Perrineau
as Michael, Michael Dawson
Fisher Stevens
as Minkowski
Michael Bowen
as Danny Pickett
Nestor Carbonell
as Richard Alpert
Ken Leung
as Miles
Jeremy Davies
as Daniel Faraday
Rebecca Mader
as Charlotte Lewis
Jeff Fahey
as Frank Lapidus
François Chau
as Dr. Marvin Candle/ Dr. Pierre Chang
Cynthia M. Watros
as Libby Smith
Sam Anderson
as Bernard
John Terry
as Christian Shephard
Byron Chung
as Mr. Paik
Lillian Hurst
as Carmen Reyes
Cheech Marin
as David Reyes
Kevin Tighe
as Anthony Cooper
Mira Furlan
as Danielle Rousseau
Andrea Gabriel
as Nora Abbed `Nadia' Jazeem
Sonya Walger
as Penny Widmore
Alan Dale
as Charles Widmore
M.C. Gainey
as Mr. Friendly/Tom
Doug Hutchison
as Horace Goodspeed
Jon Gries
as Roger Linus
Marsha Thomason
as Naomi Dorrit
Susan Duerden
as Carol Littleton
Lance Reddick
as Matthew Abbadon
Eric Lange
as Radzinsky
Fionnula Flanagan
as Eloise Hawking
Alice Evans
as Eloise Hawking (Younger)
Titus Welliver
as Jacob's Nemesis
John Wilton
as Tux Shop Owner
John Choi
as Butler
Kimberley Joseph
as Flight Attendant
Achilles Gacis
as Six Foot Five
Chil Kong
as White Suit
Brett Cullen
as Goodwin
Julie Ow
as Nurse
Marc Vann
as Doctor
June Kyoko Lu
as Mrs. Paik
Sev Palmer
as Meathead
Joy Minaai
as Reporter #1
Richard MacPherson
as Record Exec
Kenton Duty
as Teenage Boy
April Grace
as Ms. Klugh
Dezmond Gilla
as Baseball Hat
Michael Adamschick
as Lottery Official
Sean Whalen
as Neil Frogurt
Melissa Farman
as Young Frenchwoman
Grant Bowler
as Capt. Gault
Tess Young
as Best Friend
Gordon Hardie
as Young Boy
Tony Lee
as Jae Lee
Brian Goodman
as Ryan Pryce
Kim Dickens
as Cassidy
Clancy Brown
as Kelvin Inman
Rachel Ticotin
as Capt. Teresa Cortez
Kiya Lee
as Byung's Wife
Lindsey Ginter
as Sgt. Austen
Ron Bottitta
as Leonard
Nick Jameson
as Richard Malkin
Bruce Davison
as Dr. Brooks
David Ely
as Intern
Dayo Ade
as Justin
Michelle Forbes
as Karen Decker
Tom Irwin
as Dan Norton
Noah Craft
as Hendricks
Todd Coolidge
as Paramedic
Guillaume Dabinpons
as Frenchman No. 1
John Shin
as Jin's Father
Andy Trask
as Hotel Manager
Shawn Lathrop
as Federal Agent
Marc Menard
as Frenchman No. 2
Wendy Pearson
as ER Doctor
Jeremy Shada
as Young Charlie
Jill Kuramoto
as Anchorwoman
Bruno Bruni
as Frenchman No. 3
Zack Shada
as Young Liam
Suzanne Krull
as Lynn Karnoff
Christopher McGahan
as Techie No. 1
Sonya Masinovsky
as Russian Nurse
Stephen Pace
as Master Sergeant
Troy Vincent
as Oceanic Rep
Troy Vincent
as Oceanic Rep
Shawn Doyle
as Duncan Forrester
Isabelle Cherwin
as Little Girl
Sven Lindstrom
as Crew Member
Lawrence Jones
as Lead Soldier
David Coennen
as Customs Agent Smalley
James Lesure
as Dr. Hamill
Maya Henssens
as Young Girl
Percival Scott III
as LAX Security Officer
Susan Gibney
as Melissa Dunbrook
Edward Conery
as Auctioneer
Nigel Gibbs
as Funeral Director
Kesha Diodato
as Customs Agent Anne
Eyal Podell
as Young Man
Loreni Delgado
as Pharmacist
Kelly Kraynek
as Woman in Ladies Room
Eric Nemoto
as Oceanic Rep
Brad Berryhill
as Anxious Guy
Cathy Foy
as Receptionist
Sonya Seng
as Receptionist
Jeff Perry
as Ducket, Duckett
Joey Yu
as Byung-Chun Han
Stephen Bishop
as William Kincaid
Larry Clarke
as Customer
Mark Ahsing
as Customs Officer
Jeremy Colvin
as Deliveryman
Jayne Taini
as Martha Toomey
Peter Lavin
as Caldwell
Sally Davis
as Teacher
John O'Hara
as Young Jack
Sally Strecker
as Lucy Heatherton
Kelly Rice
as Nicole
Matthew Alan
as Cunningham
Jim Piddock
as Frank, Frank Heatherton
Monica Dean
as Gabriela
Scott Paulin
as Sullivan
Francois Choi
as Dr. Marvin Candle
Dan Hildebrand
as Custodian
Steven Elder
as Jonas Whitfield
Ivana Michele Smith
as N.D. Survivor
Mark Gilbert
as Det. Raggs
K.M. Dickens
as Cassidy
Oliver Muirhead
as Monsignor
Angelica Perreira
as Byung-Chun Han's Daughter
Dean Norris
as Howard Gray
Alex Mason
as Bartender
Ron Marasco
as Ken Halperin
Geoffrey Rivas
as Father Chuck
Kavita Patil
as Rupa Krishnavani
Sayed Bedreya
as Iraqi Father
Sammi Davis
as Mrs. Pace
William Atherton
as Principal Don Reynolds
Robert Dahey
as Poor Man
Donna Smallwood
as Aussie Woman
Juan Carlos Cantu
as Father Suarez
Teresa Huang
as Surgeon
Barry Whitfield
as Mr. Slavitt
Rick Overton
as Matthew Reed
P.D. Mani
as Nabil
Curtis Jackson
as Security Guard
Armando Pucci
as Italian Man
Rebecca Tilney
as Emily's Mother
Sean Kinerney
as Japanese Boy
Dann Seki
as Dr. Curtis
Theo Coumbis
as Jimmy Bane
Felix Williamson
as Dr. Ian McVay
Xavier Raabe-Manupule
as Iraqi 12-Year-Old
Cynthia Charles
as Nigerian Woman
Theo Rossi
as Sgt. Buccelli
Raymond Ma
as Efren Salonga
Lela Loren
as Claudia
Saul Rubinek
as Custody Lawyer
DJ Qualls
as Johnny
Aaron Gold
as Jason Elder
Greg Joung Paik
as Dr. Je-Guy Kim
Izzy Diaz
as Ignacio
Ivo Nandi
as Oldest Hunter
Kylie Dragna
as Charlotte
Casey Adams
as Wheeler
John Bryan
as Thug Captain
Amanda Carlin
as ER Nurse
Stephanie Niznik
as Dr. Evelyn Ariza
Joshua Smith
as School Kid
Lanny Joon
as Dr. Bae
Lance Ho
as Young Miles
J. Edward Sclafani
as Ticket Agent
Ian Gomez
as Munson
Patrick Torres
as ER Doctor
Davo Coria
as Servant
Chad E. Donella
as Desk Clerk
Raj K. Bose
as Pakistani Shop Clerk
Rand Wilson
as Assistant D.A.
Thomas Meharey
as U.S. Soldier
Tuli Roy-Kirwan
as Secretary
David S. Lee
as Younger Charles Widmore
Allen Cole
as Duty Sergeant
Yvonne Midkiff
as Receptionist
Jeanne Rogers
as Moderator
Brooke Mikey Anderson
as Charlotte Malkin
Bill Duke
as Warden Harris
Simon Rhee
as Shopkeeper
Ken Elliott
as Orderly
Chad Donella
as Desk Clerk
Rain Chung
as Mr. Kim
Jenni Blong
as Lindsey
Kim Kim
as Mrs. Shin
Moumen El Hajji
as Tough Moroccan
Stephen Page
as Master Sergeant
Necar Zadegan
as Translater
Larry Wiss
as Anestheseologist
Kamari Borden
as U.S. Soldier
Glen Bailey
as Magician
Marvin Candle
as Dr. Marvin Candle
Joe Toro
as Bartender
Christine Kim
as Admitting Nurse
Alan Seabock
as Sub captain
Matthew Pederson
as Physical Therapist
Dan Gauthier
as Copilot
Susan King
as Sweet Young Woman
Larry Joshua
as Burditt
Azure McCall
as Mrs. Gardner
Ned Van Zandt
as Mr. Dorsey
Kanayo Chiemelu
as Tunisian Man
John Skinner
as Other No. 1
Miko Franconi
as Grocery Worker
Christopher Johnson
as Police Officer
Rylee Fansler
as Young Juliet
Sandra Le Bat
as Dominique
Olekan Obileye
as Young Yemi
Yetide Badaki
as Desk Clerk
Jaymie Kim
as Ji Yeon
Anthony Keyvan
as Young Sayid
Yasmin Dar
as MFCU Nurse
Ashlee Kyker
as Student
David Griffith
as Screaming Other
Traci Lee Burgard
as Det. Rasmussen
Scott Moura
as Manager
Sarah Duval
as Melissa
Savannah Lathem
as Young Rachel
David Yew
as Chinese Security Agent
Kaveh Kardan
as Merchant
Ernesto Lopez
as LAPD Officer
Sophie Kim
as Young Sun
Dorian Burns
as Prison Guard
Peter Ruocco
as Agent Freedman
George Cheung
as Chinese Ambassador
Faran Tahir
as Ishmael Bakir
Olivia Vickery
as Clementine
Spencer Allyn
as Young Daniel Faraday
Charles Henry Wyson
as John Locke (Age 5)
John Pete
as Prison Clerk
Phil Abrams
as Gellert
Adam Bazzi
as Cab Driver
Dana Sorman
as Darlene
Patrick J. Adams
as Peter Talbot
Stephanie Smart
as Ticket Agent
William Makozak
as Capt. Bird
Haley Williams
as Assistant
Barbara Baehler
as Mrs. Talbot
Mark Stitham
as Minister
Caleb Steinmeyer
as John Locke (Age 16)
James Jeremiah
as Police Officer
Keegan Boos
as Young Sawyer
Cindy Paliracio
as TV Newsanchor
Don Nahaku
as Det. Reeve
Agnes Kwak
as Aunt Soo
Gerard Elmore
as Clipboard Guy
Andrew Connolly
as Brother Campbell
James Locke
as Mechanic
Matthew Allan
as Cunningham
Marvin DeFreitas
as Young Charlie
Marlene Forte
as Det. Mason
Todd Bryant
as Mattingly
Chantal Boomla
as Counter Girl
Julian Barnes
as Dr. Woodruff
Fredric Lane
as Marshal
Eyad Elbitar
as Arabic Man
Cleo King
as Government Worker
Rhett Biles
as Officer Barnes
Billy Dee Williams
as Mr. LaShade
Alexis Rhee
as Older Woman
Esmond Chung
as Paik's Associate
Alicia Young
as Blind Woman
David Cordell
as Jimmy Lennon
John Medlen
as Man at Crash Site
Tyrone Howard
as Airport Guard
Jean Chung
as Paik's Secretary
Danan Pere
as ER Doctor
Jacob Witkin
as Howard L. Zukerman
Bai Ling
as Achar
Caden Waidyatilleka
as Young Hurley
Sung Hi Lee
as Tricia Tanaka
Steve Labrash
as Morgue Employee
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