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MacGyver (1985 - 1992)

MacGyver (1985 - 1992)






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The popular adventures of a resourceful former Special Forces operative, who undertakes impossible missions at the behest of a crimefighting think tank called the Phoenix Foundation. MacGyver usually avoids direct combat by resorting to his ingenuity and an ability to creatively utilize everyday objects (like paper clips). The hero's first name---Angus---was finally revealed in a 1991 episode. Among MacGyver's many fans: the lovelorn Patty and Selma on `The Simpsons.'

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1991, ABC, 14 episodes

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1990, ABC, 21 episodes

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1989, ABC, 21 episodes

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1988, ABC, 19 episodes

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1987, ABC, 21 episodes

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1986, ABC, 24 episodes

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1985, ABC, 22 episodes


Richard Dean Anderson
as Angus MacGyver
Dana Elcar
as Peter Thornton
Bruce McGill
as Jack Dalton
Elyssa Davalos
as Nikki Carpenter
Joseph Lambie
as Harryman
Kai Wulff
as Stepan Frolov
Elya Baskin
as Dimitri
Joe Santos
as `The Eraser'
Kim Zimmer
as Murphy
Allan Lysell
as Wrightman
Della Reese
as Mama Colton
Salome Jens
as Sister Margaret
Ernie Reyes Jr.
as Luke Chen
Marta Du Bois
as Dr. Ortega
Tricia O'Neil
as Victoria
James Hong
as Wenying
Gregory Sierra
as Gen. Higuera
Madison Mason
as Matt Webber
Kimberly Scott
as Mama Lorraine
Alan Fudge
as Paul Webster
Keye Luke
as Prasert
Scott Coffey
as Michael
Cliff Potts
as Manning
Edward Mulhare
as Guy Roberts
Dana Lee
as Chanthara
John Schuck
as Henderson
Robin Curtis
as Kate Connelly
Gerry Bean
as Wilcox
Lance Le Gault
as `Bull' Bodine
Walter Marsh
as Racoubian
Steven M. Gagnon
as Cdr. Nelson
George Takei
as Dr. Wei
Henry Jones
as Banning
Walter Gotell
as Starkoss
Ken Camroux
as Thompson
Frances Bergen
as Eleanor Kingman
Katey Wright
as Karin Graff
Jack Bannon
as Johnson
Kay Lenz
as Kelly Nelson
Victoria Fyodorova
as Viktoria Tomanova
Sid Haig
as Khalil
Peter Yunker
as Richard
Tzi Ma
as Wing Lee
Tommy Morgan
as Player G.
Cooper Huckabee
as Bill Farren
D'Mitch Davis
as Axminster
John Vernon
as Ryerson
Rob Roy
as Wyatt
Bill Ontiveros
as Tony Garcia
Sam Scarber
as Crazy Eddie
Daniel Davis
as Nicolas
Judd Omen
as Shiva Luca
Paul Haddad
as Nikolai
Beth Toussaint
as Dawn Rigel
Thomas Mikal Ford
as Sgt. Concassuer
Roger Aaron Brown
as Edward Mantu
Don Stroud
as Cdr. Hilliard
Bert Rosario
as Lt. Para
Al Fann
as Sutton
Gregory Itzin
as Cavanaugh
Clive Revill
as Braddock
James Pax
as Stone
Deborah Wakeham
as Ski Patrolwoman
Jack Colvin
as Abel Makepeace
Curt Lowens
as Berrenger
Ian Ruskin
as Andres
Peter Nicholas
as Lieutenant
Tom Ormeny
as Baranov
Michael Goodwin
as Bannister
Allan Kolman
as Captain
Cecilia Hart
as Kate Hubley
Steve Park
as Tan Yee
Peter Jurasik
as Charles Alder
Lee de Broux
as Hatcher
Patrick Wayne
as Jeff Stone
Wolf Muser
as Jonathan
Ed Nelson
as Bandel
Larry Musser
as John Wiley
James Mathers
as Off. Mullins
Kent Williams
as Clinton Ferris
Art Hindle
as Dave Redding
Ken Danziger
as Peter Kramer
Doran Clark
as Chris Rhodes
Peter Haskell
as Woodward
Aharon Ipalé
as Amir Sumal
Judith Chapman
as Sandra Millhouse
Ruth de Sosa
as Elizabeth
Barbara E. Russell
as Nurse Krandall
Milos Kirek
as Petrovich
John De Lancie
as Brian Ashford
Andrew Sabiston
as David Ryman
Adam Arkin
as Parisio
Christianne Hirt
as Sophia Parker
Robert Ito
as Peng Chow
Betty McGuire
as Bird Lady
Gretchen Wyler
as Mme. Brandenberg
David Considine
as Balladeer
Rob Youngblood
as Bobbie Lee
Richard Gant
as Denmark
Ellen Bry
as Carole
Darlanne Fluegel
as Barbara Spencer
Ken Kirzinger
as Creature
Kim Miyori
as Dr. Triwai
John Horn
as Huber
Rudy Ramos
as Peter Torgut
Arlen Dean Snyder
as Sheriff Howels
Henry Winkler
as Newberry
Linden Ashby
as Reynolds
Akiko Morison
as Patricia
Conlan Carter
as Ed Train
Sue Kiel
as Reena
Joseph Wiseman
as Joe Catano
Gerald Anthony
as Snakeskin
Suzie Payne
as Sarah Wiley
James Gleason
as Dr. Darnell
Lynn-Holly Johnson
as Ingrid Bannister
Persis Khambatta
as Afghan Woman
Peter Wong
as Steven Lee
Antony Stambouleih
as Ambassador Vulnay
Jenny Gago
as Santina
Jeanette Nolan
as Homeless Woman
Dana Still
as Dr. Farrell
Larry Hill
as Sheriff
Lee Weaver
as Stumpy
Ann Walker
as Clarice
Robert Englund
as Tim Wexler
Tony Perez
as Escobar
George Cheung
as Dr. Liang
Ted Stidder
as Chairman Farrell
Pamela Sue Martin
as Nancy Bartlett
Gary Chalk
as Sweeny
Donna Cox
as Nurse
Adam Gregor
as Coach Litminov
Ray Young
as Virgil
David Bloom
as Reynolds
Vic Tayback
as Henderson
Beulah Quo
as Mrs. Chung
John Carter
as Senator Rhodes
Morris Panych
as Col. Markov
Michael Naxos
as President Habad
Colm Meaney
as Malcolm
Ben Stein
as Sneed
Nicholas Matus
as Young Sam
Tracey Olson
as Bourtros
Richard Newman
as Minister Amunde
Raymond St. Jacques
as President Dakra
John Novak
as Muller
Michael Gregory
as Whitecloud
Ed Trotta
as Cardosa
Antonio Fargas
as Col. Devraux
Jack McGee
as Joe Rosewell
Geno Silva
as Delasora
Stanley Kamel
as Victor Casanti
Ann Weldon
as Mrs. Caswell
Don Gibb
as Herman the German
David Efron
as Mendoza
Margaret Avery
as Regina Jeffries
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