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Mad About You (1992 - 1999)

Mad About You (1992 - 1999)






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Marital angst fuels this urbane comedy about Manhattan newlyweds adjusting to life together. He's a restive documentary filmmaker; she's an impetuous public-relations executive. Cocreated by star Paul Reiser, who describes the show as 'what the world is like behind closed doors.' Further, it's 'like a couple's ride home after a party, when you can finally say what you've been thinking all night.'

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Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1998, NBC, 22 episodes

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1997, NBC, 23 episodes

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1996, NBC, 24 episodes

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1995, NBC, 24 episodes

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1994, NBC, 24 episodes

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1993, NBC, 25 episodes

Critics Consensus: Mad About You's first season starts small, but quickly establishes the show's wry humor -- helped considerably by the rom-com chemistry between well-matched series leads Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser.

1992, NBC, 22 episodes


Paul Reiser
as Paul Buchman
Helen Hunt
as Jamie Buchman
Anne Ramsay
as Lisa Stemple
Leila Kenzle
as Fran Devanow
Tommy Hinkley
as Jay Selby
John Pankow
as Ira Buchman
Richard Kind
as Mark Devanow
Robin Bartlett
as Debbie Buchman
Cynthia Harris
as Sylvia Buchman
Louis Zorich
as Burt Buchman
Mel Brooks
as Uncle Phil
Jim Piddock
as Professor
David Strickland
as Hollis Pavelle
Carroll O'Connor
as Gus Stemple
Spencer Klein
as Ryan Devanow
Meg Wyllie
as Aunt Lolly
Cyndi Lauper
as Marianne
Gates McFadden
as Channel GM
Harry Groener
as Brockwell
Alan Ruck
as Lance
Penny Fuller
as Jamie's mom
Billy Morrissette
as Sanford Klarik
Elya Baskin
as Vladimir
Meagen Fay
as Connie
Tyrees Allen
as "But This is Pennsylvania"
Abe Vigoda
as Kalman
Dick O'Neill
as Mr. Barton
Lewis Black
as Pizza Slice
Bill Fox
as Belden
Jesse D. Goins
as Couples' Lawyer
John Karlen
as Jamie's dad
James Carville
as James Carville
Estelle Getty
as Aunt Ida
Yoko Ono
as Yoko Ono
Susan Blommaert
as Miss Grundy
Sam Lloyd
as David
Clea Lewis
as Saleswoman
Bob Glouberman
as Buchanans' Lawyer
Bibi Osterwald
as Older Woman
Bob Amarel
as Delivery Man
Paul Dooley
as Jamie's dad
Elena Wohl
as Single Woman
Mary Matalin
as Mary Matalin
Vito Scotti
as Antonio
Tim Conway
as Clerk/Justice of the Peace
Sherman Howard
as Explorer Channel Executive
Len Lesser
as Arnold
Earl Billings
as Security Guard
Steven Anderson
as Wrongstag
Richard Roat
as Phillip
Nancy Dussault
as Jamie's mom
Nancy Lenehan
as Dr. Wallach
Vic Polizos
as Truck Driver
Dorothy Patterson
as Mrs. Gruber
Iqbal Theba
as First Cabbie
Floyd Levine
as Zeitlin
Nancy Bell
as Barbara
Daniel Hagen
as Director
Jennifer Darling
as Mrs. Bluestone
Jon Polito
as Ralphy
Max Wright
as Man with Phone
Steve Park
as Dr. Lee
Kim Hunter
as Millie
Stephen Park
as Dr. Lee
Bill Saluga
as Racetrack Patron
Alexandra Chun
as Wrapping Woman
Gilbert Gottfried
as Spanky's Owner
Alex Rocco
as Slotkin
Craig Bierko
as Gardner Malloy
John Astin
as John Astin or maybe Gomez
George D. Wallace
as Projectionist
Caroline Aaron
as Trish Dawson
Wendle Josepher
as Assistant
Adam Weisman
as Young Paul
Ana Gasteyer
as Yoga Woman
Amy Hill
as Officer
Regis Philbin
as Regis Philbin
Simon Templeman
as Passenger
Allan Arbus
as Mona's Owner
Vince Grant
as Doris's Husband
John O'Leary
as Personnel Man
Estelle Harris
as Sweater Woman
Louis Guss
as Landlord
Alan Wilder
as Registrar
Jonelle Kennedy
as First Class Attendant
Ann Hamilton
as Jane Pauley's Assistant
Edward Hibbert
as Maitre D'
Patty Toy
as Tammy
E.J. Callahan
as Celtics Fan
Cady Huffman
as Barking Woman
Jimm Giannini
as Hot Dog Vendor
James Cameron
as James Cameron
Billy Joel
as Himself
David L. Lander
as Announcer No. 1
Jerry Hardin
as Al, the Client
Kenneth Tigar
as Norman Lark
Jack Shearer
as Manny Ganz
Rachel Hunter
as Rachel Hunter
Bok Yun Chon
as Cassandra
Henry Gibson
as Henry Gibson
Sergey Brusilovsky
as First Cabbie
Rebecca Lobo
as Rebecca Lobo
Grady Hutt
as 12-Year-Old Ira
Reggie Lee
as Gardner's Assitant
Wendie Malick
as Carol of NBC
Alix Elias
as TV Wife
John Moskoff
as Sam Frank
Patrick Ewing
as Patrick Ewing
Harper Roisman
as Gas Station Clerk
Hiran Kasten
as Paul's Seatmate
Judith Moreland
as Mrs. Peterson
Al Ruscio
as Uncle Jules
Joy Philbin
as Joy Philbin
Marty Rackham
as Phone Guy
Adilah Barnes
as Registrar
Parley Baer
as Polar Bear Club Member
Anthony Russell
as Hot Dog Dispatcher
Peggy Mannix
as Kissing Woman
F.X. Vitolo
as Newsdealer
Patrick Cronin
as Postal Worker
Tony Conforti
as Newsdealer
Jane Carr
as Hillary
Eric Christmas
as Titanic Guy
Gedde Watanabe
as Brockwell's Speechwriter
Michael Eugene Fairman
as Train Conductor
Carl Reiner
as Alan Brady
Fred Sanders
as Store Owner
Ryan Stiles
as Video Village Manager
Daryl Roach
as Photographer
Garth Brooks
as Himself
Allan Wasserman
as Cab-crasher
Jay Leno
as Jay Leno
Bridget Sienna
as Mrs. Velasquez
Arte Johnson
as Arte Johnson
Kevin Keckeisen
as Little Boy
Rodney Johnson
as Park Ranger
Richard Belzer
as Det. Sharp
Bill Dunleavy
as The Big Apple
William Newman
as The Waiter
Anita Gillette
as Claire Wicker
Richard Robert Redlin
as Man in Theater
Annie Korzen
as Fritzi Frank
Daniel Chodos
as Cabdrivers' Union Man
John Toles-Bey
as Virgil's Friend
Rita Wilson
as Lindsay
David Stompro
as Themselves
Michael Buffer
as Announcer No. 2
Steve Buscemi
as Howie Balinger
Jack Esformes
as Paul's Crewman
Kristen Cloke
as Salesgirl
Dominic Hoffman
as The Waiter
Gary Owens
as Gary Owens
Bruce Willis
as Bruce Willis
Rhea Perlman
as Mrs. Ramona DiChristophoro
Al Burke
as Herb Miller
Jodi Carlisle
as Secretary
Al Berry
as Racetrack Patron
Kelly Perine
as Man in Line
Andrew Gold
as "If I Were a Rich Man" Patron
Alan Charof
as Herb Buchman
Alex Trebek
as Voice of Alex Trebek
Albert Owens
as The Cat
Paunita Nichols
as "We Don't Stare"
Joyce Guy
as Nurse
Michael Moore
as Michael Moore
Meredith Bishop
as Mabel (age 18)
Miles Marsico
as Zack Grundfest
Neil Vipond
as Friendly Husband
Lynn Milgrim
as Yoko Ono's Maid
Steve Paymer
as Dutch the clerk
Michael Tomlinson
as Man Looking for Fishing Rod
Tom Gallop
as Ad Exec
Pierre Gonneau
as Mr. Boniello
Monica Allison
as Sycophant #2
John O'Hurley
as Dr. Von Derphal
Gordon Hunt
as TV Host
Michael Goldfinger
as Sarcastic Man
Carol Ann Susi
as Woman Passenger
Phil LaMarr
as Marshall
Julia Sweeney
as Professor
Sydney Brown
as Coed in Line
Wendy Kamenoff
as Woman Shopping for Golf Clubs
William Utay
as Maurice
Bernard Hocke
as Tattoo Artist
Annie Abbott
as Friendly Wife
Lightfield Lewis
as Student with Cap
Tony Edwards
as Optician
Bob Amaral
as Furniture Mover
Joanne Worley
as Jo Anne Worley
Victoria Hoffman
as Ira's Girlfriend
Elizabeth LaRou
as Gym Clerk
Roger Behr
as Cackling Announcer
Mark McGwire
as Himself
Bill P. Murry
as Racetrack Patron
April Ortiz
as Mother of Frightened Child
Elizabeth Norment
as Woman Asking Directions
Michael Leopard
as Man at the Airport
Fred Stoller
as Mischa's Owner
Dale Godboldo
as Tomassi's Student
Nick Jameson
as Bruno Mir
Perry Anzilotti
as Roy Osterback in 6-J
Rita Gomez
as Spanish Woman
June Gable
as Woman in Theatre
Nancy Fish
as Dr. Mandel's Receptionist
Danny Breen
as High Pitched Announcer
Gerry Bednob
as Cabbie #2
David Koechner
as Store Clerk
Helen Siff
as Female Teacher
Joe Flood
as Cabbie
Larry Romano
as Pizzeria Man
Billye Ree Wallace
as Interested Woman
Roy Fegan
as Manager at Klarik's
Scott Jaeck
as AA Member
Sylvester 'Bear' Terkay
as Jebediah `The Amish Hellcat' Bodine
Steven M. Porter
as Out-of-Towner
Laura Waterbury
as Woman Looking for Her Hat
Danny Mora
as Racetrack Patron
Andrew Gordon Fenwick
as Dr. Wallach's Patient
Gregg L. Daniel
as Neighbor at the Hammock
Sid Caesar
as Harold
Timi Prulhiere
as Woman in 6-C
James Lesure
as Maitre D'
Kevin Bacon
as Kevin Bacon
Jack Brewer
as Parcel Guy
Cara DeLizia
as Teenage Mabel
Harry Murphy
as Apartment Dweller
Nick Toth
as Kinko's Customer
Ann Walker
as Joan's Receptionist
Gary Grossman
as Gym Patron
Yoshio Be
as Japanese Businessman #1
Brian Jensen
as Soap Opera Actor
Helen Geller
as Pirate Maiden #1
Noel Webb
as "David Copperfield"
Ernie Vincent
as The Chef
Nils Allen Stewart
as Bruno `Six Fingers' Malone
Rick Roberts
as Man in Wheelchair
Wesley Thompson
as Musician Patient
Kenny Moskow
as Paul's Cameraman
Fritzi Burr
as Customer
David Vegh
as Newsnight Cameraman
Zaid Farid
as Policeman
Peter White
as Judge Chuffa
Ajgie Kirkland
as Male Teacher
William Mesnick
as Bowling Enthusiast
Robert Dorfman
as Pizzeria Man
Leland Orser
as Prof. Gittelson
Greg Lee
as Pool Player
Don Cummins
as Delivery Man
B.J. Ward
as Cathy
Donna Pieroni
as Masseuse
Mary Portser
as Professor
Lance E. Nichols
as Dr. Eckstine
Kevin Scott Richardson
as Cable Repairman
Mark Tymchyshyn
as Boat Rental Agent
Ted Sorel
as Explorer Channel Board Member
Nikki Lee
as Nurse
Tim Monsion
as Auctioneer
Scott Turney
as Guy in Grandstand
Toshi Toda
as Japanese Businessman #2
Susan Leslie
as Bobby's Sister
David Carpenter
as Man on Street
Sean Smith
as Guy in Absurd Sweater
Jeanne Mori
as Campaign Worker
Jim Lau
as Prof. Ng Lieu Cho
Frances Ross
as Rauschling
David Correia
as Cabbie #2
Roy Goldman
as Cabbie #3
Michael Lembeck
as Mr. Shapiro
Maria Stanton
as Jamie's Flight Attendant
Harley Zumbrum
as Partner #1
Kevin Contreras
as Birthing Classmate #1
Tom Ayers
as Guy with Cast
Otto Coelho
as Homeless at NYU
Charlene Simpson
as Pirate Maiden #3
Joanna Daniels
as Elevator Woman
David Basulto
as Policeman
Shannon Welles
as Pirate Maiden #4
Stan Sellers
as Angry Neighbor
Robert Garcia
as Treat-or-Treater
Vanessa Lock
as Flight Attendant #2
Linda Porter
as Mark's Grateful Patient
Patricia Place
as Annoyed Passenger
Al Roker
as Himself
Tino Insana
as Sanitation Department Man
Armando Molina
as Delivery Man
Ralph Manza
as Campanella
Jesse L. Martin
as Pirate #2
Jack Ritschel
as Pirate #4
Mark Sheeler
as Pirate #5
Beau Billingslea
as Security Chief
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