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Melrose Place (1992 - 1999)

Melrose Place (1992 - 1999)





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Slinky lingerie, rampant lunatics and loves usually gone wrong added up to many a soap fan's favorite campy pleasure. Early ratings were limp until executive producer Aaron Spelling spiced up the proceedings by bringing Heather Locklear and her wicked Amanda to the party, followed by plenty of bed-hopping, backstabbing and cliffhangers to go with the cheesy melodrama. As the show wrapped, Locklear said that `Melrose' gave her a character who `had sex more than anybody I have ever known.'

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1998, FOX, 35 episodes

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1997, FOX, 27 episodes

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1996, FOX, 34 episodes

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1995, FOX, 34 episodes

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1994, FOX, 33 episodes

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1993, FOX, 32 episodes

Critics Consensus: Although this sleek summertime soap oozes melodrama, Melrose Place struggles with one-dimensional storylines and shallow characterizations.

1992, FOX, 32 episodes


Heather Locklear
as Amanda Woodward
Thomas Calabro
as Michael Mancini
Josie Bissett
as Jane Mancini
Marcia Cross
as Kimberly Shaw
Doug Savant
as Matt Fielding
Grant Show
as Jake Hanson
Courtney Thorne-Smith
as Alison Parker
Andrew Shue
as Billy Campbell
Daphne Zuniga
as Jo Reynolds
Jack Wagner
as Peter Burns
Laura Leighton
as Sydney Andrews
Vanessa L. Williams
as Rhonda Blair
Vanessa A. Williams
as Rhonda Blair
Deborah Adair
as Lucy Cabot
Amy Locane
as Sandy Louise Harling
John Marshall Jones
as Terrence Haggard
Carmen Argenziano
as Dr. Stanley Levin
Steven Eckholdt
as Robert Wilson
Parker Stevenson
as Steve McMillan
Beata Pozniak
as Dr. Katya Petrova
John Enos III
as Bobby Parezi
David James Elliott
as Terry Parsons
Linda Gray
as Hillary Michaels
James Wilder
as Reed Carter
Jason Beghe
as Jeffrey Linley
Andrew Williams
as Chris Marchette
Kristin Davis
as Brooke Armstrong
Patrick Muldoon
as Richard Hart
Anne-Marie Johnson
as Alycia Barnett
Selma Archerd
as Nurse Amy
Antonio Sabato Jr.
as Jack Parezi
Perry King
as Hayley Armstrong
David Beecroft
as Dr. Paul Graham
Dan Cortese
as Jess Hanson
Hudson Leick
as Shelly Hanson
Kelly Rutherford
as Megan Lewis Mancini McBride
Rob Estes
as Kyle McBride
Dey Young
as Dr. Irene Shulman
Lisa Rinna
as Taylor McBride
David Charvet
as Craig Field
Brooke Langton
as Samantha Reilly
Michael Des Barres
as Arthur Field
Greg Evigan
as Dr. Dan Hathaway
Chad Lowe
as Carter
Priscilla Presley
as Nurse Benson
Brad Johnson
as Dr. Dominick O'Malley
Jamie Luner
as Lexi Sterling
Alyssa Milano
as Jennifer Mancini
Linden Ashby
as Dr. Brett Cooper
Nancy Grahn
as Denise Fielding
Markus Flanagan
as Harry Dean
Katie Wright
as Chelsea Fielding
Jeffrey Nordling
as Eric Baines
Megan Ward
as Connie Rexroth
Mark L. Taylor
as Dr. Louis Visconti
Rena Sofer
as Eve Clery
John Haymes Newton
as Ryan McBride
Shirley Jones
as Teresa Lewis
Susan Walters
as Christine Denton
Steve Wilder
as Alex Bastian
David Gautreaux
as Jordan Arkin
Scott Plank
as Nick Reardon
James Darren
as Tony Marlin
Chea Courtney
as Sarah McBride
Janet Carroll
as Marion Shaw
Lawrence Dobkin
as Judge Pittman
Wayne Tippit
as Amanda's father
Claudette Nevins
as Constance Fielding
John Saxon
as Waxman
Milt Tarver
as Coroner
Floyd Levine
as Dr. Stein
Carmen Thomas
as Jane's Attorney
Dorothy Fielding
as Mrs. Parker
Michael Holden
as Dr. Baker
Ramy Zada
as Martin
Chad Everett
as Lexi's father
John McCann
as Joe Danworth
Meg Wittner
as Billy's Boss
Stacy Haiduk
as Colleen
Nigel Gibbs
as Det. Wylie
Zitto Kazann
as Kimberly's Demon
Christopher Pennock
as Bike-Shop Owner
Joseph Campanella
as Barry Denoff
Rae Dawn Chong
as Terrence's decorator
Gail Strickland
as Mrs. Andrews
Salome Jens
as Joan Campbell
Joanna Cassidy
as Kate Reilly
Sal Lopez
as Father Maldonado
Eric Menyuk
as Insurance Adjuster
Erich Weiss
as Minister
Kathy Ireland
as Brittany
Sydney Walsh
as Kay Beacon
Ken Howard
as George Andrews
Tracy Nelson
as Meredith
Tom Schanley
as Matt's detective friend
Edie McClurg
as Boutique customer
Michelle Johnson
as Perry Morgan
Lewis Smith
as Tom Reilly
Michael Watson
as Travis Hill
Andrew Prine
as Dr. Tucker
F. William Parker
as Dr. Stanley
Kirk Daily
as Parole Officer
Charmaine Cruz
as Dr. Moore
Robert Lipton
as Dr. Payson
James R. Sweeney
as Board Chairman
Tim Winters
as George Carpenter
David Groh
as Vince Parezi
Erich Anderson
as Dr. Miller
Thomas Kopache
as Dr. Stevens
Jeri Ryan
as Valerie
Simon Templeman
as Cafe Owner
Dianne Bellamy
as Sister Anne
Tom Simmons
as Pierson
Janet Wood
as Dr. Halsey
Kathleen Garrett
as Angela Marlin
James Handry
as Mr. Fielding
Lori Lively
as Maryanne
Sam Anderson
as Agent Hill
Daryl Anderson
as Scott Schectman
James Handy
as Matt Fielding Sr.
Brian Bloom
as Record-company representative
Gina Ravera
as Theresa
Gail Stricklands
as Katherine Andrews
Ted W. Henning
as Dr. Ron Taylor
Kelly Nelson
as Attorney
Luigi Amodeo
as Santini
Steven Gilborn
as Mr. Lewis
Jim Hanna
as Building Inspector
Fran Bennett
as Dr. Evans
Matt Roth
as Sandy's Date
Pat Crowley
as Sharon Ross
Peggy A. Blow
as Nurse Sandra
Lou Alexander
as Sam Lieberman
Raymond Berry
as Vince Connors
Dennis Lipscomb
as Kimberly's Psychiatrist
Robert Mailhouse
as Dr. Goldberg
Kirk Baily
as Greg Madigan
Stephen Nichols
as Carl Canin
Stuart Fratkin
as Tyler Hirsch
Yvette Nipar
as Evie Wainbridge
Bruce Gray
as Tom Richland
Nancy LaScala
as Robyn Marlowe
Zach Galligan
as Rick Danworth
Kim Miyori
as Director
Elena Wohl
as Lydia Perkins
Brian Heidik
as Pool Man
Donna Bullock
as Prosecuter
Rebecca Balding
as Larner's Wife
John Reilly
as Mr. McBride
John Aprea
as Bryant
Lyman Ward
as Vincent
Dana Sparks
as Paul's Wife
Joel Gretsch
as Mitch Sheridan
Paul Collins
as Dr. Fisher
Karen Landry
as Erica Connors
John O'Hurley
as John Marshall
Paul Perri
as Peter's Attorney
Julie Adams
as Mrs. Damarr
Chip Hayes
as Irving Marshall Jr.
David Newsom
as Carters' Attorney
Norman Large
as Chairman
Malachi Throne
as William Campbell
Tuc Watkins
as Tom Brooks
D. Paul Thomas
as Psychiatrist
Terri Ivens
as Arielle
John Ingle
as Bellows
Mark Metcalf
as Wilkins
Robert Standley
as Jennifer's Date
Andrea C. Robinson
as Jennifer Helms
Bill Sage
as Drew Mackenzie
John Scott Clough
as Pediatrician
Jane Hallaren
as Counselor
Vanessa Marquez
as Mrs. Cortez
Kevin Maloney
as Harry's Victim
Lisa Waltz
as Pediatrician's Wife
Jana Marie Hupp
as Mary Smith
James Ingersoll
as Senator Wilcox
Tim Grimm
as Dennis
Judith Hoag
as Sarah Goldstein
Alan Woolf
as Desk Officer
Rudolph Willrich
as Sydney's Lawyer
Todd Waring
as Don Pierce
Robert Gossett
as Det. Smith
René Ashton
as Gail Lenvin
John Capodice
as Det. Gold.
Edward Paul Allen
as Arnold Castle
Kelly Hu
as Andrea
Mary Gordon Murray
as Donna Teller
Gwynyth Walsh
as Mrs. Jeffers
Margot Rose
as Dr. Anderson
Natalie Venetia Belcon
as Denise Tarnower
Gary Dean Simpson
as Officer Curtis
Juli Donald
as Lily Gray
Christine Avila
as Off. Flores
Wil Albert
as Edward
Sara Melson
as Billy's Date
Benita Moreno
as Alan's producer
Eliza Coyle
as Hostess
Claudette Wells
as Dr. Hayden
Jeanette Miller
as Elderly Woman
Catherine McCord
as Spokesmodel
Steven Flynn
as Alison's Friend
Bonnie Urseth
as Rev. Styles
Thomas Ryan
as Charlie Harris
Beverley Mitchell
as Katie Connors
Elizabeth Storm
as Interviewer
Ben Stein
as Loan Officer
Michael D'Amore
as Dr. Barth
Richard Roat
as Robert's Father
Matt McCoy
as Benson
Dan Martin
as Detective
James Karen
as Judge Mike Thomas
Al Sapienza
as Extortionist
James Short
as Jess's Partner
Bryan Jeffrey Price
as Eddie Connors
Morgan Brittany
as Mackenzie
Marabina Jaimes
as Lt. Schacter
Yvonne Farrow
as Dr. Raitiere
Harry Johnson
as Freeport
Bibi Besch
as Mrs. Davis
Michael Cutt
as Sheriff
Stephanie Romanov
as Teri Stevens
Randee Heller
as Detective Altman
Bette Ford
as Robert's Mother
Casey Biggs
as Aaron Baker
Kario Salem
as Connell
Marty Rackham
as Strip-Club Owner
Dennis Bailey
as Kingston
Ethel Ayler
as Mrs. Bowen
Kaela Dobkin
as Receptionist
Jack Andreozzi
as Det. Klein
James Hampton
as Harry Allen
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Series Details

TV Network: FOX
Premiere Date: Jul 8, 1992
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent
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