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My Favorite Martian (1963 - 1966)

My Favorite Martian (1963 - 1966)




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A visitor from Mars becomes `Uncle Martin' to a local reporter, who rearranges his humdrum life to give the spaceman shelter. The special effects were cheesy and this was hardly an out-of-this-world classic, but there was nice chemistry between Ray Walston and Bill Bixby in storylines about the alien's powers (mind reading, invisibility, talking with dogs), and the lengths to which they went to keep them under wraps made for a good time.

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1965, CBS, 32 episodes

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1964, CBS, 38 episodes

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1963, CBS, 37 episodes


Ray Walston
as Uncle Martin
Bill Bixby
as Tim O'Hara
Pamela Britton
as Mrs. Lorelei Brown
Ann Marshall
as Angela Brown
Anne O. Marshall
as Angela Brown
J. Pat O'Malley
as Mr. Harry Burns
Alan Hewitt
as Det. Bill Brennan
Roy Engle
as The Police Chief
Cliff Norton
as Mr. Carter
Roy Engel
as Police Captain
Bernie Kopell
as Morton Beanbecker
Allan Melvin
as Pete Dudley
Jan Arvan
as Mr. Baldetti
Herbie Faye
as Doc Mullen
Gavin MacLeod
as Alvin Wannamaker
David White
as Lloyd Thomas
Michael Constantine
as Det. Harry Collins
Dan Seymour
as Fat Man
Larry D. Mann
as Butterball
Don Haggerty
as Sgt. Seeley
Richard Deacon
as Mr. Bentley
Olan Soule
as Orphanage Investigator
Howard Morton
as Brian Henley
Madge Blake
as Mrs. Summer Winthrop
Herbert Rudley
as J.M. Buckley
Lee Toland Krieger
as Off. Walker
Henry Beckman
as ADA Ronald Bradley
Henry Corden
as East Indian
Kathie Browne
as Peaches AnCream
Paul Smith
as Harvey O'Hara
Cecil Kellaway
as Wilbur Canfield
Nancy Rennick
as Cynthia Parker
Flip Mark
as Donald Mumford
Frank Behrens
as Dr. Bonnett
Willard Waterman
as Mrs. Trimble
Lennie Weinrib
as Dr. Little
Susanne Cramer
as Kitty (Agent 004)
Ernest Sarracino
as Pop Amalfi
Todd Baron
as Peter Pendleton
Pat Priest
as Della Darwell
Keith Taylor
as Eddie Prescott
Guy Marks
as Shorty Smith
Doris Packer
as Miss Hortense Pringle
Kathy Kersh
as Jennifer
Bill Zuckert
as Dr. Rothman
Justin Smith
as Stanley
Leonid Kinskey
as Prof. Hammerschlag
Vaughan Taylor
as Prof. Clemmens
Robert P. Lieb
as Lt. Gibson
Albert Carrier
as Andre Dupre
Alan Reed Sr.
as Councilman Jack Gramby
Sean McClory
as Seamus O'Hara
Anthony Eustrel
as King John
Trevor Bardette
as Grandpa Kelly Green
Yvonne Craig
as Louise Babcock
Arlene Martel
as Viola Normandy
Mort Mills
as Jesse James
Lee Bergere
as DeWitt Merrick
Paul L. Smith
as Harvey O'Hara
Michael Fox
as Dr. Gilbert
Sue Randall
as Miss Turner
Bob Jellison
as Mr. Dinkle
Conrad Janis
as Chad Foster
Dick Wilson
as Patrolman #2
Stanley Ralph Ross
as Folk Singer #1
Mary Gregory
as Mrs. Perkins
Jonathan Hole
as William Stone
Len Lesser
as Henry Black
David Bond
as Dr. Orville Laird
Harry Holcombe
as Joseph Arons
Norman Alden
as Det. Harris
Jackie Russell
as Daphne Joyce
Noam Pitlik
as Off. Thorp
Hal Baylor
as Harold
Stafford Repp
as Police Sergeant
Richard Reeves
as Picnicker
Chick Hearn
as Voice of Announcer
Maya Van Horn
as Francine Resnay
Jerome Cowan
as Dr. E.A. Jackson
George Dunn
as Mr. Graham
Sheldon Allman
as Patrolman Culbreth
Anne Wakefield
as Duchess of Brimstone
Lurene Tuttle
as Tessie Harvey
Sarah Marshall
as Mrs. Frisby
Janis Hansen
as Kerry Green
Leon Askin
as Von Reinbein
Alan Hale Jr.
as Omar Keck
Michael Pataki
as Johnny Amalfi
Virginia Gregg
as Eileen McGinty
Linda Evans
as Sally Farrow
Lisa Seagram
as Felicia Fratoli
Claude Johnson
as Jimmy McClain
L.Q. Jones
as Frank James
Alice Backes
as Miss Maxwell
Hal Smith
as Barnaby
John Fiedler
as Prof. Newton Jennings
Frank Aletter
as Agent #2
Jan Moriarty
as Peggy Collins
Leon Belasco
as Ilya Poltnikoff
Rory Stevens
as Stanley
Victor French
as Mugs Carson
Patricia Smith
as Peggy Reynolds
Gilbert Green
as Dr. Carson
Dub Taylor
as Charles
Kip King
as Freddie Carson
Sharon Farrell
as Gloria Trimble
Francine York
as Nurse Norma
Edward Colmans
as Mr. Blackstone
Irene Tsu
as Leilani
Hedley Mattingly
as Gerald Waley
June Dayton
as Aunt Lilly
Sara Haden
as Dora Darling
Frank Marth
as Capt. Prescott
Amzie Strickland
as Jenny Holbrook
Parley Baer
as Mr. Babcock
Lauren Gilbert
as Mr. Abernathy
Bryan O'Byrne
as Dr. Weisbord
Jon Silo
as Ice Cream Man
George Cisar
as Patrolman #1
Simon Oakland
as Lt. Murphy
James Millhollin
as Mr. Hoskins
Bella Bruck
as Mrs. Gallup
Don Diamond
as Judge Gonzales
Joe Higgins
as Guard #1
Robert Doyle
as Slippery Sam
Jonathan Kidd
as Scientist #1
Dan Fraser
as Clete Baxter
Sheila Bromley
as Mrs. Thomas
Elvia Allman
as Mrs. Graham
Phil Garris
as Delivery Man
Owen Bush
as Postman
Ollie O'Toole
as Man with Dog
Craig Curtis
as Arnold O'Reilly
Woodrow Parfrey
as Floor Manager
Hal England
as Red Squirrelton
Penny Santon
as Grandmother
Bart Conrad
as Guard #1
Frank de Vol
as Prof. Crenshaw
Les Tremayne
as Mr. Clary
Dick Winslow
as Sgt. Leffler
Herb Ellis
as Grinnell
Jimmy Joyce
as Folk Singer #2
Harvey Lembeck
as Rembrandt Jones
Hap Holmwood
as Control Engineer
Nydia Westman
as Matilda Harvey
Bruce Glover
as Ralph O'Hara
Peter Brooks
as Young Man
Pamela Curran
as Accomplice
Ed Holmes
as Agent #1
Dick Patterson
as Douglas Ginzer
Jean Hale
as Jeanine Carter
Kim Tyler
as Gerald Farrow
James Frawley
as Mr. Frisby
Donald Diamond
as Judge Gonzales
Arthur Malet
as Dr. Dunlap
Peter Brocco
as Curator
Frank Evans
as Announcer
Cathleen Cordell
as Mrs. Bentley
Buck Taylor
as Bruce Baker
Jerry Riggio
as Headwaiter
Peter Stanton
as Miss Gonzales
Charles Stewart
as Patrolman
Nancy Howard
as Mary Hogan
Robert Ball
as Dog Catcher
Sue Taylor
as Martha O'Hara
John Lasell
as Mr. Morgan
Maurice Marsac
as Pietro Donati
Ray Kellogg
as Policeman #2
Herb Andress
as Mechanical Man
Jesse Wayne
as 2nd Swordsman
Dinah Anne Rogers
as Scientist #2
Arlen Stuart
as Harold's Mother
Robin Watts
as Pretty Girl
R.N. Bullard
as Guard #1
Paula Stewart
as Nurse Jones
John Newton
as McCarthy
Gloria Marshall
as Police Dispatcher
John Zaccaro
as Agent #1
Ina Victor
as Annabelle Erickson
Robert Colbert
as Bill Fisher
Dal McKennon
as Mailman
Clarence Lung
as Maitre D'
Burt Conroy
as Workman
John Crawford
as Announcer
Joe Hernandez
as Voice of Announcer
Barbara Perry
as Miss Hotchkiss
Duane Grey
as Police Officer
Chanin Hale
as Salesgirl
Bobby Byles
as Clarinet Student
Dorothy Keller
as Short Lady
Len Felber
as Police Officer
Diane Libby
as Tim's Girl
Norman Bartold
as Police Officer #2
Janie Kelly
as Young Woman
Linden Chiles
as Howard Loomis
Raul Martin
as Manuelo
Allen Jaffe
as Vincent
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 29, 1963
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Jack Chertok
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