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My Wife and Kids (2001 - 2005)

My Wife and Kids (2001 - 2005)






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A kind of `Cosby' or `Father Knows Best' for the times, about a trucking-company executive, his wife and their three kids in suburban Connecticut. A steady performer for ABC, `Wife' ranges from issue-oriented to slapstick. It's very much the vision of star Damon Wayans (also a coexecutive producer), who based it in part on his own life, and frequently uses family members as actors, directors and screenwriters.
Creators: Don Reo, Damon Wayans

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2004, ABC, 30 episodes

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2003, ABC, 31 episodes

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2002, ABC, 27 episodes

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2001, ABC, 29 episodes

Critics Consensus: My Wife and Kids delivers the right balance of warmth and edge, even if it leans into some well-worn sitcom tropes.

2001, ABC, 11 episodes


Damon Wayans
as Michael Kyle
Jazz Raycole
as Claire Kyle
Marlene Forte
as Rosa Lopez
Wendell Pierce
as Dr. Boucher
Noah Gray-Cabey
as Franklin Mumford
Brooklyn Sudano
as Vanessa Scott
as Calvin
Phil Reeves
as Dr. Parks
Meagan Good
as Vanessa
Katt Williams
as Bobby Shaw
T.J. Thyne
as Manager
Lou Rawls
as Dr. Rawls
as Leilani
Lauren Tom
as Hostess
Jessica Sara
as Melissa
Casey Lee
as Larry
Charlie Dell
as Irving Gold
as Charmaine
Anthony Anderson
as Dr. Bouche
Stuart Nixon
as Concession Guy
Jason Stuart
as Dr. Thomas
Terry Rhoads
as Dr. Mason
Maggie Rowe
as Yoga Girl
David Leisure
as Professor Tillman
Peter Kwong
as Eddie Hoo
Carlos Gomez
as Fernando Torres
Patty Ross
as Policewoman
Jennifer Freeman
as Claire Kyle
Cindy Lu
as Secretary
Steven Tom
as Announcer
Rich Pierrelous
as Patrick Maguire
Nick Von Esmarch
as Slobadonnapopovitch
Miguel A. Núñez Jr.
as Max - Master of Ceremonies
Lina Bouton
as Nina Howie
Maria Torres
as Tiffany
Betty White
as Mrs. Hopkins
Dawn Stern
as Janine
Gary Coleman
as Gary Coleman
Maria Torres
as Tiffany
Doug Banks
as Tom Miller
Kristin Wilson
as Dr. Madison
Jordi Caballero
as Mr. Roccocco
Serena Williams
as Ms. Johnson
LeBron James
as LeBron James
Alexander Folk
as Rev. Mayo
Thea Vidale
as Aunt Evelyn
Gedde Watanabe
as Dr. Phil Ling
Max Alexander
as Bartender
Lise Simms
as First Class Flight Attendant
Joe Plewa
as Father
Chelsea Handler
as Nurse Amy
Donnell Barrett
as Jason (1040 EZ)
David Lewison
as Mr. Griggler
Myra Turley
as Coach Flight Attendant
Laura Savery
as Shandray
Gabby Soleil
as Charlotte
Wayne Newton
as Himself
Joe Gieb
as Little Man
as Salesperson
Louis Price
as Principal
Joey Vassallo
as Dr. Tortoni
Fredson Mayiek
as Kenyan Runner
Heather Stone
as Navigational System
David Anthony Higgins
as Alexander Burns
Dawn Ann Billings
as Stevie's Wife
Matthew Waterson
as Actor in Merchant-Ivory Movie
Al Sharpton
as Rev. Al
Willie Amakye
as Kenyan Runner
Charnele Brown
as Admitting Nurse
Cleo King
as Nurse
Don Perry
as Old Man
Lillian Adams
as Old Woman
Darrel Heath
as Phillip
Elliot Cho
as Smilin' Willie
Rosi Reed
as Annie
James Nganga
as Kenyan Runner
Bill Macy
as Drive Thru Attendant
Dom Pomes
as Old Guy
Lee Weaver
as Attendant
Jerry Trainor
as Trekkie Bowler
Dustin Felder
as Man on Crutches
Linda Kim
as Vivian D. Ho
Terry Rhoades
as Dr. Mason
Rolonda Watts
as Evangeline Boudreaux
Jon Polito
as Minister
Kim Coles
as Mrs. Lane
Tony Silva Jr.
as Store Clerk
Becky Thyre
as Mrs. Fields
Aspen Snow
as Little Girl
Aiko Tanaka
as Flower Lady
Gloria Le Roy
as Grandmother
Howard Alonzo
as Voice Over
Diane Bliss
as Mrs. Miller
Charles Stevenson
as Grandfather
Joseph Vassallo
as Marcello Roccocco
Joey Plewa
as Father
Lou Richards
as Sports Announcer
Bob Glouberman
as Photographer
Ally Maki
as Sasha
as Leilani
Brent Sexton
as Blue-collar Guy
Don Pomes
as Old Guy
Free Brooks
as Bailiff
Joji Yoshida
as Bodysurfer
Thom Gossom Jr.
as Judge Garamedian
Bo Barrett
as Streaker Guy
Lou Ferrigno
as Big Guy
Lou Richards
as Sports Announcer
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Mar 28, 2001
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Damon Wayans, Don Reo, Eric L. Gold, David Himelfarb, Dean Lorey, Rob Schiller, Kim Wayans, Andy Cadiff
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