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Newhart (1982 - 1990)

Newhart (1982 - 1990)





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The comedian brings his trademark gentle humor to his role as a Vermont innkeeper in this affable, long-running series, which premiered four years after his six-year stint with 'The Bob Newhart Show.'The eccentric supporting characters include a dim-witted handyman; a pretentious debutante maid; and three backwoods brothers named Larry, Darryl and Darryl (the Darryls never spoke). The final episode, in which a Japanese businessman buys the town, has a classic surprise ending.

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1989, CBS, 24 episodes

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1988, CBS, 22 episodes

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1987, CBS, 24 episodes

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1986, CBS, 24 episodes

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1985, CBS, 24 episodes

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1984, CBS, 22 episodes

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1983, CBS, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Bob Newhart's return to television is shorn down to the point of almost entirely relying on the comedian's dry wit -- which he reliably delivers with hesitant aplomb.

1982, CBS, 22 episodes


Bob Newhart
as Dick Loudon
Mary Frann
as Joanna Loudon
Tom Poston
as George Utley
Steven Kampmann
as Kirk Devane
Jennifer Holmes
as Leslie Vanderkellen
Julia Duffy
as Stephanie Vanderkellen
Tony Papenfuss
as First Darryl
John Voldstad
as Second Darryl
Rebecca York
as Cindy Parker Devane
Peter Scolari
as Michael Harris
Lee Wilkof
as Elliot Gabler
Todd Susman
as Constable
Kathy Kinney
as Miss Goddard
Priscilla Morrill
as Mrs. Vanderkellen
Jeff Doucette
as Harley Estin
Melanie Chartoff
as Dr. Kaiser
José Ferrer
as Vanderkellen
Raye Birk
as How-To Author
Ruth Gordon
as Kirk's Grandmother
Derek McGrath
as Waiter No. 1
Richard Venture
as Doc Owens
Simon Jones
as Dr. Randall
George Wyner
as Emmett Devore
Keith Charles
as Heartlob
J.J. Wall
as Unbelievable Jerry
Marilyn Schreffler
as Gloria Tate
Robert Hogan
as Senator
Bill Wiley
as Dr. Bishop
Larry Hankin
as Wild Mel
Jason Marin
as Young George
James Hampton
as Father Ken
Bob Perlow
as Mr. Burrows
George D. Wallace
as Mr. McKenna
Bruce French
as Ned Tate
Chip Zien
as Jenkins
Gedde Watanabe
as Tagadachi
Douglas Rowe
as Bennett
Michael Fairman
as Sen. Wells
Kate Zentall
as Mrs. Burrows
Britt Leach
as Jocko Braverman
Peter Hobbs
as Doc Wiley
James Staley
as Patrick
H. Richard Greene
as Network Exec
Roderick Cook
as TV Critic
Bill Maher
as Norm Murphy
Claudette Sutherland
as Prof. Stewart
Dirk Blocker
as Little Duke
George Petrie
as Father Jasper
Edwina Moore
as Pastry-Club Member
Peggy McCay
as Mrs. McKenna
Richard Roat
as Vanderkellen
Jackie Joseph
as Myrna Peck
Eve Roberts
as Fran Taylor
Gerald Hiken
as Dimitri Alexandrov
Edwin Newman
as Himself
Jack Taylor
as Tommy Lee
Jack Kehler
as Tommy Lee
Magda Harout
as Beatrice/`Smitty'
K Callan
as Janet
Anne Gee Byrd
as Mrs. Vosper
Susan Blu
as Mrs. Layborn
Patricia Estrin
as Mrs. Nelson
Greg Otto
as The Amazing Duane
Jim Jansen
as Father Wilson
Don Rickles
as Don Prince
Tobias Andersen
as Selectman
Bill Quinn
as Minister
David Muir
as Delivery Man
John Reilly
as Cameron
Marilyn Allen
as Mrs. Futterman
Tim Conway
as Himself
George Innes
as Regis Drayman
Jane Alden
as Waitress
Roy London
as Mr. Carlson
Guy Boyd
as Col. Lloyd Menninger
David Selburg
as Maitre d'
Earl Boen
as Dodds
Molly Regan
as Mrs. Collins
Ed McMahon
as Himself
Frances Bay
as Mrs. Henderson
Don Knotts
as Himself
Sab Shimono
as Sunatra
Perry Wolfe
as Player No. 1
Milt Oberman
as Mr. Sylvester
Jack Bannon
as Franklin Todd
Jan Pessano
as Phyllis
Ian Fried
as Timmy
Hansford Rowe
as Mr. Feifer
Lynne Marie Stewart
as Woman Reporter
David Wayne
as Pirate Pete
Tom Byrd
as Robert
Curt Lowens
as Charles
John Hostetter
as Mr. Futterman
Bob Elliott
as Dick's Dad
Lou Cutell
as Dr. Grossman
Ruth Manning
as Michael's Mother
Helen Page Camp
as Station Receptionist
Craig Zehms
as Prosecutor Scheff
Paul Feig
as Bruce
Tom Virtue
as Father John
Brad Logan
as Al `Sweaty' Whitlow
David Sage
as Mr. Carstairs
Richard Seff
as Mr. Woodall
Terry Beaver
as Foreman
Barbara Collentine
as Mrs. Feifer
Ben Slack
as Mr. Hanson
Teresa Ganzel
as Waitress
Emma Samms
as Herself
R. Leo Schreiber
as Unfortunate No. 1
Tony Jay
as Nobleman
Candy Hutson
as Baby Stephanie
Kenneth Kimmins
as Mr. Putnam
Tom Ormeny
as Anchor Man
Kort Falkenberg
as Henderson
Barbara Tarbuck
as Ms. Fletcher
Michael Horton
as John Paine
Mary Betten
as Mrs. Davison
Lindsay Price
as Jennifer
Dorothy Patterson
as Mrs. Kimmel
Gene Ross
as Lennie
Brian Kimball
as Unfortunate No. 2
Joan Embery
as Herself
Charlotte Carpenter
as Weather Lady
Merv Griffin
as Himself
Bill Daily
as Inn Guest
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Oct 25, 1982
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Barry Kemp
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