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Once and Again (1999 - 2002)

Once and Again (1999 - 2002)





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A touching, superbly written and performed series about two divorced parents who start a new life together, despite complications at home and flak from their ex-spouses. Created by the producers of `thirtysomething', the drama included `confessionals' (in black-and-white sequences) that probed the feelings and anxieties of its richly textured characters as they tried to balance ambitions (and setbacks) with their willingness to make compromises and adjustments in a new blended family.

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2001, ABC, 19 episodes

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2000, ABC, 22 episodes

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1999, ABC, 22 episodes


Billy Campbell
as Rick Sammler
Sela Ward
as Lily Manning
Shane West
as Eli Sammler
Evan Rachel Wood
as Jessie Sammler
Meredith Deane
as Zoe Manning
Julia Whelan
as Grace Manning
Susanna Thompson
as Karen Sammler
Jeffrey Nordling
as Jake Manning
Todd Field
as David Casilli
Marin Hinkle
as Judy Brooks
Ever Carradine
as Tiffany Porter
Steven Weber
as Samuel Blue
Mischa Barton
as Katie Singer
David Clennon
as Miles Drentell
Eric Stoltz
as August Dimitri
Edward Zwick
as Dr. Rosenfeld
Paul Dooley
as Les Cresswell
Mark Valley
as Will Gluck
Natasha Gaty
as Alexa Yagoda
D.B. Sweeney
as Graham Rympalski
Jennifer Crystal
as Christie Parker
Kelly Coffield Park
as Naomi Porter
Jane Sibbett
as Jeannine Blue
Jacob Smith
as Jamie Blue
Kay Lenz
as Stephanie Arlyn
Samantha MacLachlan
as Receptionist
Ally Sheedy
as Miriam Miller
Ellen Geer
as Celeste
Robert Prosky
as Herb Miller
David A. Kipper
as Dr. Lerner
Melora Hardin
as Samantha
Pat Skipper
as Coach Herchow
Danton Stone
as Mr. Nerolik
Edward Atterton
as Steven Slater
Meagen Fay
as Dr. Sherri Snyderman
Steven Mayhew
as Adam Breslow
Samuel Blue
as Steven Weber
Bruce Weitz
as Capt. Patterson
Ashlee Turner
as Cynthia McCormick
Amy E. Wieczorek
as Lamaze Teacher
Barbara Barrie
as Peg Sammler
Jordan Baker
as Dr. Camille Nardo
Lee Garlington
as Ms. Conway
Kimberly Scott
as Lt. Saticoy
Don R. McManus
as Mason Gould
Ira Wood
as Ajay Lieberman
John Lehr
as Kenny
Jonathan Aaron
as Rabbi Ben
Susie Park
as Dr. Lu
Chelcie Ross
as Warren Wyler
Darius Dudley
as Mr. Brooker
Scott Weintraub
as Mr. Burke
Ruth Fara
as Sofia
Arye Gross
as Todd Monroe
as Kelly Coffield
Miriam Flynn
as Gayle Stephenson
Marshall Herskovitz
as Dr. Kirchhoffer
Quinn Paul
as Young Lily
Grace Phillips
as Sybil Testamanti
Carlos Ponce
as Giancarlo
Jim Fyfe
as Teacher
Nealla Gordon
as Mrs. Sepnefski
Elliot Goldwag
as Marvin Tannenbaum
Julie Paris
as Drama teacher
Dennis Letts
as Sidney Berlin
Pamela Moore Somers
as Yuppie woman
Asher Gold
as Student
Chris Olivero
as Evan Fisher
Sean Parhm
as Boy No. 1
Tony Barr
as Phil's Friend No. 1
Shane Edelman
as Dr. Scheck
Ernest Liu
as Boy No. 2
Fred Ornstein
as Phil's Friend No. 2
Rochelle Leffler
as Checkout Girl
Stu Levin
as Phil's Friend No. 3
Gerry Black
as Phil's Friend No. 4
Lee Schall
as Funeral Director
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 21, 1999
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Marshall Herskovitz, Edward Zwick
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