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Pensacola: Wings of Gold (1997 - 2000)

Pensacola: Wings of Gold (1997 - 2000)




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A Marine lieutenant colonel takes command of an elite task force at NAS Pensacola, Fla.

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1999, Syndicated, 22 episodes

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1998, Syndicated, 21 episodes

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1997, Syndicated, 22 episodes


James Brolin
as Lt. Col. Bill `Raven' Kelly
Kenny Johnson
as Lt. Butch `Burner' Barnes
Michael Trucco
as Lt. Tucker `Spoon' Henry III
Barbara Niven
as Kate Anderson
Bobby Hosea
as Maj. MacArthur `Hammer' Lewis Jr.
Sandra Hess
as Lt. Alexandra `Ice' Jensen
David Quane
as Capt. Edward `Capone' Terrelli
Felicity Waterman
as Abigail `Mad Dog' Holly
Marshall R. Teague
as Col. Doug Drayton
Elizabeth Rossa
as Lucy Spencer
Brent Huff
as Kessick
Leann Hunley
as Lauren Wells
Ben Masters
as T.H. Henry
Christian Copelin
as Christopher
David Barrera
as Bernard White
Cindy Katz
as Reeder
Ray Baker
as Pearly
John Furey
as Kerwood
Forry Smith
as Swinton
Deborah Zoe
as Megan Mulligan
John A. Bradley
as Capt. Fullman
Robert F. Lyons
as Addison's Father
Judith Hoag
as Maureen
Tava Smiley
as Gunslinger
Sydney Walsh
as Lynne Egan
Mark Moses
as Margolis
Jack Blessing
as Rudisill
Pat Skipper
as Campbell
Ruben Paul
as Williams
Bradford English
as Uncle Shelvy
Shawn Christian
as Dr. Lawrence Brandon
Steve Eastin
as Sheriff
Steven Culp
as Belafontaine
Michael Jace
as Capt. Wilner
Adam Karlen
as Capt. Kanopolis
Gustavo Rex
as Basulto
Steven Ford
as Lt. Col. Niles
Vyto Ruginis
as Hendrey
Nick Wilder
as Steiner
Mia Suh
as Melanie
Joel Polis
as Reynolds
Michael White
as Capt. Hartley
Randy Mulkey
as Air Operations Officer
Zach Johnson
as Lance Corp. Tom Gibson
Brien Perry
as Sgt. Obanion
Jay Acovone
as Johnny Terelli
Michael Learned
as Congresswoman Kathryn Benedict
Joel Burti
as Capt. Joseph `Ski' Zabronski
Steve Ford
as Lt. Col. Donald Stuart
Blake Bashoff
as Kevin Norris
Christie Lynn Smith
as Kathy Gibson
Gary Allan
as Himself
Christopher Comes
as Air traffic Controller
Brittney Powell
as Janine Kelly
Jim Davidson
as Mark Davis
Geoffrey Lewis
as Wylie Johnson
Patrick Kilpatrick
as Col. Nathan
Colby French
as Capt. Benedict
Deborah Benson-Wald
as Ricky Woodson
George Gerdes
as Col. Walters
Kirsten Nelson
as Sgt. Carol Davis
Virginya Keehne
as Tracy Keene
Ryan Cutrona
as Fire Chief
Carolyn Smith Bryant
as Susan Muldavi
Tedd Taskey
as Capt. Smith
Jay Karnes
as Stoddard
Kevin Sizemore
as Capt. Collins
Dan Martin
as Agent Harding
Sarah Hansen
as Jane Gibson
Todd Eric Andrews
as Dr. Kuilchak
Mik Scriba
as Sheriff Barth
James Wellington
as Dick Hennesy
Deborah Shelton
as Cmdr. Hollings
Juan Urista
as Corpsman
Will Wallace
as Chadway
Myra McWethy
as Mrs. Littlebum
Seamus Dever
as Lipscomb
Charmin Lee
as Maj. Granger
Challen Cates
as Joyce Staples
Malayika Singley
as Lt. Deborah Kaper
Tina Nguyen
as Mai-Ling Diem
Tim Quill
as Maj. Camden
Adrian Neil
as Flight Lt. Knightsbridge
Conchata Ferrell
as Helen Williams
Susan Blakely
as Emily Harris
Matt Waite
as Crew Chief
Eric K. George
as Sgt. Franklin
Darren Kjeldsen
as George Combs
Ken Garcia
as First Rebel
Juliette Jeffers
as Julie Franklin
Angelle Brooks
as Debbie Simons
Tony Ketcham
as ATC Supervisor
Jonathan Breeden
as Capt. Broderick
Tom Hallick
as Everett Jannock
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TV Network: Syndicated
Premiere Date: Sep 15, 1997
Genre: Action & Adventure
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