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Picket Fences (1992 - 1996)

Picket Fences (1992 - 1996)




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David E. Kelley's surreal slice of small-town Wisconsin life centered on the Brock family: the town's sheriff, his physician wife and their three kids. There was some conventional murder and mayhem, along with dark humor. The occasionally bizarre story lines (like a `serial bather' sneaking into homes) were often juxtaposed with ruminations on a variety of social issues (among them, bigamy and euthanasia). While never much of a ratings hit, this was a critical darling, winning 14 Emmys.

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1995, CBS, 22 episodes

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1994, CBS, 22 episodes

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1993, CBS, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Kooky and a touch spooky, Picket Fences marries creator David E. Kelley's earnest topicality to a surreal small town setting, yielding a series that is both cloying and riveting.

1992, CBS, 23 episodes


Kathy Baker
as Dr. Jill Brock
Tom Skerritt
as Sheriff Jim Brock
Holly Marie Combs
as Kimberly Brock
Justin Shenkarow
as Matthew Brock
Adam Wylie
as Zach Brock
Fyvush Finkel
as Douglas Wambaugh
Ray Walston
as Judge Henry Bone
Costas Mandylor
as Kenny Lacos
Kelly Connell
as Carter Pike
Zelda Rubinstein
as Ginny Weeden
Michael Keenan
as Mayor Bill Pugen
Don Cheadle
as DA Jonathan Littleton
Marlee Matlin
as Mayor Laurie Bey
Dabbs Greer
as Novotny
Roy Dotrice
as Father Barrett
Amy Aquino
as Dr. Joey
Gary Frank
as Dr. Bufell
Adam Arkin
as Robert Biel
Erica Yohn
as Miriam
Paul Eiding
as Jason Steinberg
Richard Masur
as Ed Lawson
Lisa Chess
as Rebecca
Bojesse Christopher
as Billy O'Connell
Liz Sagal
as Ellen
Rusty Schwimmer
as Julia Boles
Ray McKinnon
as Jeffrey Murray
Dana Gladstone
as Michael Ralo
Gregg L. Daniel
as Eddy Dearden
Maggie Baird
as Mrs. Engrams
Linda Gehringer
as Marcia Banks
Jason Beghe
as DA Petrovek
Tom Everett
as Engrams
Matt Salinger
as Dr. Shreve
Don Keefer
as Billy Shauger
George D. Wallace
as Father Lyne
Harry Smith
as Harry Smith
Michael Jeter
as Peter Lebeck
Lynnda Ferguson
as Julia Hutton
David Proval
as Frank the Potato Man
Richard Kiley
as Jill's Father
Harvey Jason
as Rabbi Jacobs
Elisabeth Moss
as Cynthia Parks
Elaine Kagan
as Harriet Bridges
Olivia V. White
as Eve Stockton
J. Kenneth Campbell
as Jonathan Braun
Melinda Dillon
as Vicki Klausner
Molly McClure
as Mrs. Bayles
Russell Curry
as Dep. Thayer
Thomas F. Duffy
as Deputy Tully
Diana Castle
as Minister
Gregory Vignolle
as Brian Latham
Bobby Harwell
as John Emmanuel
Bruklin Harris
as Assistant
Cecil Hoffman
as Interpreter
Lance Davis
as Danny Milch
Vic Polizos
as Ron Hall
Don Stark
as Stubby Muller
Geoffrey Nauffts
as Ben Speers
Dan Kern
as Dr. Downey
Nancy Stephens
as Mrs. Kendall
Jeremy Roberts
as Carjacker
Caroline Lagerfelt
as Mary Beiler
Julie Payne
as Mrs. Kranepool
Courtney B. Vance
as Warren Grier
Paul Winfield
as Judge Nance
Julie Ariola
as Cara Hendricks
Erin Beaux
as Pete Hunnecker
Christopher Allport
as Dan Patterson
Scott Jaeck
as Tony Vogel
Linden Chiles
as Dr. Packard
Dakin Matthews
as Henry Marshall
Ann Marie Lee
as Mrs. Doyle
John Harkins
as Chief Justice Rehnquist
Howard S. Miller
as Burl Murkoff
Richard Lawson
as Dale `Sky' Betts
Robert Foxworth
as Attorney General Lane
Phyllis Lyons
as Marcia Lawson
Jack Black
as Curtis Williams
Nicholas Pryor
as Moriarity
Van Quattro
as Robert Quincy Adams
Edie McClurg
as Mother Dinkel
Thomas Ryan
as Leo Bauer
Tony Jay
as Rabbi Fishman
Jack Shearer
as Justice Scalia
James Noah
as Andy McNeil
Cully Fredricksen
as Special Agent Johnston
Stephen Gilborn
as Dr. Brennan
Miguel Nájera
as Joe Green
Kenneth White
as Grampa Bill
Patricia Gaul
as Marjorie
Kelli Williams
as Amish Woman
Akuyoe Graham
as Sister Cray
Kevin Scannell
as Derrick Hutton
Mandy Patinkin
as Dr. Geiger
Sage Allen
as Cecile
Chris Owen
as Milton
Pat Skipper
as Dep. Keenan
Kate Benton
as Miss Winslow
Caryn West
as Mrs. Burton
Raffi De Blasio
as Kevin Quinn
Richard Hamilton
as Tobias Hostetter
April Ortiz
as Gloria Ramos
Adrian Sparks
as Dr. Marino
Dierk Torsek
as Dr. Mellor
Robert Covarrubias
as Father Jesus
Jim Jansen
as George King
Dale Weston
as Marian Beecher
Bryan Clark
as Bishop Cole
Joel Polis
as Dr. Paymer
Clause Brooks
as David Robinson
Doris Belack
as Justice Ginsburg
Matt Frewer
as Teacher
Charles Rocket
as Disc Jockey
Jonah Rooney
as Stuart Bodner
Chuck Kovacic
as Mr. Lenderhaus
Claudette Sutherland
as Karla Fenwick
as Jacob Levine
Pat O'Brien
as Pat O'Brien
Karen Landry
as Gloria Borf
James Earl Jones
as Bryant Thomas
Will Utay
as Justice Souter
Bruce Gray
as Joseph
Richard Gant
as Randall
Chris Carrara
as Bob O'Dell
Gary Carlos Cervantes
as Reporter No. 1
Jane Kaczmarek
as Janice Neiman
Hector Elizondo
as Dr. Watters
Blake Heron
as Troy Burton
Aki Aleong
as Abe Felsen
Carolyn Mignini
as Nancy King
Lydia Hannibal
as Reporter No. 2
Darlene Cates
as Sophie Wallace
Bobby Garabedian
as Jack Hughes
Ed Koch
as Ed Koch
Karen Ludwig
as Librarian
Hildy Brooks
as Attorney
Lindsay Riddell
as Sarah Keegan
Melody Rae
as Libby Levine
Lenny Von Dohlen
as Laurie's Brother
Marte Boyle Slout
as Mary Lou Urbanska
Shane West
as Dave Lattimore
Scanlon Gail
as Kyle Hooley
Jerome J. Front
as Geoffrey Swain
Daniel Beer
as Bruce Fenwick
Dan Butler
as Joe Henley
Louise Fletcher
as Laurie's Mother
Ned Vaughn
as Dep. Carlson
Susan Angelo
as TV Reporter
Eric Poppick
as Chauncey Smith
Alan Ruck
as Teacher
Barry Primus
as Rabbi Levin
Barbara Williams
as Vera Keegan
James Coburn
as Jimmy's Father
Dey Young
as Teacher
Burke Roberts
as Scott Thompson
Paul Williams
as Benjamin Weedon
Robert Harper
as Attorney
Jane Daly
as Elaine
Phillip Van Dyke
as Bobby Hutton
Loretta Devine
as Marla Melrose
Eugene Greytak
as Pope John Paul II
Alan M. Dershowitz
as Alan Dershowitz
Kate Zentall
as Eleanor Thompson
Priscilla Pointer
as Dr. Smithie
Dorothy Lyman
as Miriam Thorne
Ned Bellamy
as Adam Wood
Richard McKenzie
as Bishop Marsh
Jeff Corey
as Cancer Patient
J.D. Hinton
as Fire Captain
Gregroy Vignolle
as Brian Latham
Phil Reeves
as Attorney
Christopher Pettiet
as Michael Hynes
Laurie O'Brien
as Sara Hynes
Nicholas Pappone
as Mark Burton
Wendy Phillips
as Janine Barrett
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 18, 1992
Genre: Drama
Executive Producer: David E. Kelley
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