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Prison Break (2005 - 2017)

Prison Break (2005 - 2017)



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A mechanical engineer gets himself incarcerated so he can spring his death-row brother (framed for killing the vice-president's brother) in this taut drama that's too intense for younger children.
Creator: Paul Scheuring

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Critics Consensus: Prison Break recaptures some of its old urgency in its return, but familiar faces and frenetic action aren't enough to make up for a plot that manages to bore while beggaring belief.

2017, FOX, 9 episodes

Critics Consensus: Prison Break's (first) series finale will bring closure to the diehard fans, but the season's ludicrous, plot-breaking twists betray the feeling that this saga should have ended a jailbreak or two before.

2008, FOX, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Prison Break's third season relocates the drama back behind bars, but the series feels like it's just retreading old ground with a series of new contrivances in tow.

2007, FOX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Prison Break's second phase branches its inaugural season's focused narrative into a series of tangents on the lam, which may lose the interest of some viewers but does maintain the series' propulsive momentum.

2006, FOX, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Prison Break is confident pulp with a crackerjack premise that spreads thinly enough to smooth over the show's more lunkheaded flourishes.

2005, FOX, 22 episodes


Wentworth Miller
as Michael Scofield
Dominic Purcell
as Lincoln Burrows
Sarah Wayne Callies
as Dr. Sara Tancredi
William Fichtner
as Alexander Mahone
Danay Garcia
as Sofia Lugo
Robin Tunney
as Veronica Donovan
Peter Stormare
as John Abruzzi
Camille Guaty
as Maricruz
Stacy Keach
as Warden Pope
Muse Watson
as Charles Westmoreland
Paul Adelstein
as Agent Kellerman
Silas Weir Mitchell
as Charles `Haywire' Patoshik
John Heard
as Gov. Frank Tancredi
Patricia Wettig
as Vice President Caroline Reynolds
Frank Grillo
as Nick Savrinn
Michelle Forbes
as Samantha Brinker
Joseph Nunez
as Manche Sanchez
Chris Vance
as Whistler/Gary Miller
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
as Susan B./Gretchen Morgan
Robert Wisdom
as Lechero/Norman St. John
Leon Russom
as Gen. Jonathan Krantz (Pad Man)
James Hiroyuki Liao
as Roland Glenn
Mark Feuerstein
as Scott Ness
Reggie Lee
as Bill Kim
Carlo Alban
as McGrady
Shannon Lucio
as Trishanne
Matt DeCaro
as Roy Geary
Stacy Haiduk
as Lisa Tabak
Kathleen Quinlan
as Christina Scofield
Danny McCarthy
as Special Agent Hale
Kim Coates
as Richard Sullins
Ted King
as Downey
Callie Thorne
as Pam Mahone
Helena Klevorn
as Dede Franklin
Raphael Sbarge
as Ralph Becker
Michael Bryan French
as Gregory White
Wilbur Fitzgerald
as Bruce Bennett
Christian Stolte
as C.O. Stolte
Philip Edward Van Lear
as C.O. Patterson
Numan Acar
as Abu Ramal
Crystal Mantecon
as Sister Mary Francis
Ron Yuan
as Feng Yuan
Rachel Loera
as Theresa Delgado
Holly Valance
as Nika Volek
Steve Tom
as Stuart Tuxhorn
Katie Amanda Keane
as Dr. Sara Tancredi
Mo Deja
as Military Officer
Dameon Clarke
as Andrew Blauner
Jude Ciccolella
as Howard Scuderi
Anthony Starke
as Sebastian
Michael O'Neill
as Herb Stanton
Diana Scarwid
as Jeanette Owens
Shaun Duke
as Griffen Oren
Korey Simeone
as Command Center Techie
Gustavo Mellado
as Alfonso Gallego (McGrady's Father)
Christian Bowman
as Company Agent
Al Sapienza
as Philly Falzone
Anthony Azizi
as Naveen Benerjee
Jeff Perry
as Terrence Steadman
DuShon Brown
as Nurse Katie Wech
Quinn Wermeling
as Zack Hollander
Ivar Brogger
as Vincent Sandinsky
Mark Harelik
as Marty Gregg
Tina Holmes
as Kristine Pace
Alex Fernandez
as Capt. Hurtado
Daniel Allar
as Avocado Balz-Johnson
Wilbur Firzgerald
as Bruce Bennett
Titus Welliver
as The Representative
Mac Brandt
as C.O. Mack
Luis Rolon
as Military Guard No. 2
William Mapother
as Agent Chris Franco
Kristin Lehman
as Jane Phillips
Danielle Campbell
as Gracey Hollander
Reno Wilson
as Agent Wilson Wright
Kristin Malko
as Debra Jean Belle
Joel Hatch
as Judge Kessler
Mark Pellegrino
as Patrick Vikan
Troy Ruptash
as Jasper Potts
Marc Macaulay
as Mr. Ives
Rey Gallegos
as Cristobal
Adina Porter
as Leticia Barris
Carlos Compeon
as Col. Escamilla
F.J. Rio
as Augusto
Joe Inscoe
as Lyle Sands
John S. Davies
as Agent Elliott Pike
Maurice Ripke
as Petey Cordero
Tara Karsian
as Georgie
Ranjit Chowdhry
as Dr. Marvin Gudat
Joe Holt
as Pistachio/Stash
Tom Choi
as Driver
Steve Barnes
as Agent Drucker
Romy Rosemont
as Det. Kathryn Slattery
Wayne Dehart
as Vagrant
Brad Hawkins
as Tough Guy No. 2
Castulo Guerra
as Gen. Zavala
Tom McElroy
as Reverend Mailor
J.D. Evermore
as Kyle `Woody' Woodling
Anthony Escobar
as Gravedigger
Dell Johnson
as IDOC Captain
Kevin Dunn
as Cooper Green
Robert Newell
as Gringo No. 2
Mark Morettini
as C.O. Rizzo
Lisa Lloyd
as Receptionist
Michael McGrady
as Capt. Hutchinson
Edrick Browne
as County Sheriff
Alan Ackles
as Manager
Damon Carney
as Mysterious Man
Antoine McKay
as C.O. Antoine
Keith Diamond
as Tim Giles
Ora Jones
as Wendy
Dylan Minnette
as Young Michael
Marshall Manesh
as Nandu Banerjee
David Parker
as Trucker
John Getz
as Dr. Roger Knowlton
Bobby Naderi
as Mustapha
Joe Minoso
as Chaz Fink
Wyndll Robertson
as Tower Guard
Michael Stoyanov
as Mark Fletcher
Ian Bohen
as Darrin Hooks
John Davies
as Elliott Pike
David Stokey
as Junior Counsel
Max Kirsch
as Young Lincoln
Kristen Malko
as Debra Jean Belle
Manuel Marrero
as Arturo Monjares
Summer Selby
as Prosecutor
David Clennon
as Sen. Conrad Dallow
Lee Reherman
as Deckard
Brian Hamman
as May Tag
Melissa Marsala
as Maricruz Delgado
Charles Van Eman
as American Consul
Amy Chaffee
as Marjorie Swift
Mark Chaet
as Bank Manager
Crystal Allen
as Tia Hayden
Jane Yamamoto
as Reporter
Keith Szarabajka
as David Allen Baker
Carol Farabee
as Patty Wallace
Jack Watkins
as Off. Grady
John Elliott
as Company Agent
Jennifer Hetrick
as Elaine Baker
Kiran Rao (II)
as Embassy Guard
Deanna Dunagan
as Judy Pope
Steve Shearer
as Gringo No. 1
Zachary Friedman
as Cameron Mahone
Big Leroy Mobley
as Hotel Security Guard
Chelcie Ross
as Bishop Morrow
Jesse D. Goins
as Hotel Manager
Duncan Ollerenshaw
as Blue Hawaii
Danielle Di Vecchio
as Sylvia Abruzzi
Paul Menzel
as Medical Examiner
Nick Lopez
as Newbie No. 1
Michael Wiseman
as Det. Conor Mara
Gianni Russo
as Smallhouse
Dari Hayes
as Det. Allen
Jo Perkins
as Old Blind Lady
Michael Seal
as Octavio
Marlon John
as Lt. Rice
Wayne Lopez
as Embassy Guard
Jodie Moore
as Camping Store Proprietor
Jeff Fenter
as Tommy Day
Derek Ray
as Sunglasses/Ted
John Judd
as Ben Forsik
Michael Gohlke
as Young Theodore
Elise Ballard
as Midwestern Mom
Louis Gusemano
as Border Patrol Officer
Armando L. Leduc
as Gen. Menjavar
Kirk B.R. Woller
as Richard Sooter
Kevin Kelly
as Officer Phil Weston
Joel Stoffer
as Old Man Bagwell
Clarice Tinsley
as News Host
Stacy Hall
as Solo Uni
Jennifer Kern
as Allison Hale
Frank Maharajh
as Embassy Guard
Mat Greer
as Ticket Checker
Tom Procida
as Company Agent
Arianne Martin
as Assistant
Sonny Franks
as Harold Jenkins
Jason Konopisos
as Anchor Aide
Jamie Renell
as Ticket Taker
Amy Levin
as Pharmacist
Ed Spilla
as Cop No. 1
Ramon Franco
as Raul Darinda
Romante Archer
as Panamanian Inmate
Monti Sharp
as Phil Stroger
Sandra Marquez
as Mrs. Delgado
Grady McCardell
as Local Cop
Scott Edward Logan
as Car Hop/Jimmy
Gary Grubbs
as Sen. Phil Lemon
Maria Sotolongo
as Reporter No. 1
Sean McGraw
as American Panelist
Dan Braverman
as Dock Worker
Arturo Byrd
as Cop No. 1
Akai Draco
as Detention Center C.O.
M Denise Lee
as NA Counselor
Darin Heames
as Shep (Roland Winston Shepard)
Kwame Amoaku
as Stroker
Greg Dorchak
as Cop No. 1
David Kronawitter
as Assistant Consul
Carlos Campean
as Col Escamilla
Adam Pilver
as Talking Head
Edgar Arreola
as Bureau Worker
Tim De Zarn
as Salty Vet
Karl Anderson
as Gun Dealer
Charles Emmett
as Casino Detective
Mike Foy
as Cashier
Andrew Borba
as Dr. Peter Chaffin
Van Trinh
as Guest List Woman
Michael Swanner
as Motel Manager
Alex Meneses
as Chi Chi
Amanda Rivas
as Attractive Woman
Conor O'Farrell
as Agent Miller
Mike Gomez
as Panama Jack
Julie Berzon
as Blonde Woman
Lawrence Zarnado
as C.O. No. 1
Brandon Smith (I)
as Warden Ed Pavelka
Bill Stevenson
as Office Worker
Laurie Walton
as Young Wife
Jack Gould
as Old Farmer Guy
Brent Anderson
as Sheriff Williams
Leo Marks
as Greg Rydenour
Pete Partida Jr.
as Artistic Inmate
Carolyn Wickwire
as Bellick's Mon
Linara Washington
as Jenae Conlin
Richard Zavaglia
as Mobster Thug
Joe Perez
as Clerk
Daniel J. Travanti
as President Richard Mills
Norman Bennett
as Proprietor
Aleisha Force
as Assistant
Timothy Walter
as C.O. No. 4
Davíd Garza
as Faretaker
Naima Imani Lett
as Receptionist
Mark Oliver
as Detention Center Official
Scott Roland
as Dark Figure
Nick Roth
as Hitchhiker
David Marriott
as Agent No. 1
Joe Nemmers
as Other Cop
Victor Pagan
as Falsifacador
Anthony Armatrading
as Solomon Okella
Deb Hiett
as Oren's Secretary
Jimmy Gonzales
as Baggage Worker
Bruce DeBose
as Greg Nagel
Hugo Perez
as Cab Driver
Preston James Hillier
as National Guardsman
Karl Makinen
as Derek Sweeney
Carrie Slaughter
as Triage Nurse
Ryan Rutledge
as Krance (Governor's Detail Guard)
Jason Douglas
as Highway Patrolman
Marc Pouhe
as Detention Center Classroom Instructor
Bryan Kent
as Clandestine Agent
Allen Warchol
as Liquor Clerk
Bruno Gioiello
as Miami Cop
Richard Rollin
as Pick-Up Truck Man
Andrew Sensenig
as Prosecutor
John Rosenfeld
as Jason Lief
JB Blanc
as Jerry Curtin
David Precopia
as N.M. State Trooper/Sgt. Humphries
Rommel Sulit
as Doctor No. 1
Jackie Cabe
as NA Group Leader
Sylvia Rawley
as Mrs. Vasquez
Bill Doyle
as Lt. Bernitz
Steve Coulter
as Detective
Mitchell Laurence
as Tim McGilicuty
Chris Freihofer
as Agent Montana
Tommy G. Kendrick
as Dive Shop Owner
Toby Metcalf
as Friend No. 1
Paul T. Taylor
as Government Spook
Ron Tatar
as Gila Hotel Manager
Robert Pralgo
as Agent Holdrich
Cora Cardona
as Sucre's Aunt
Ta Taylor
as Pick-Up Driver
Stella Romero
as Mrs. Uribe
Darryl Alan Reed
as Attendant (Charlie)
Shauna McLean
as Waitress
Brian Smolensky
as Security Guard
John Pointer
as Soldier
Mark Berry
as Detective
Mark Nutter
as Cop No. 1
Michael Nanfria
as Older Cop
Cheryl Bricker
as Mrs. Edison
Matthew Jones
as Federal Agent
Eric A. Payne
as Agent No. 1
Dominic Pace
as Soldier
Walter Fauntleroy
as Younger Cop
Geoffrey Rivas
as Sgt. Salinas
Clint Jung
as Shan Xing
Michelle Marsh
as Constituent
Javon Johnson
as C.O. J.J.
Terry Berner
as Electrician
Bill Wise
as Sundown Hotel Guy
Maria Serrao
as Newsanchor
Baron Jones
as Newsanchor
Tom Clark
as Keith
Dan Loggins
as Customer
Thomas Lumberg Jr.
as Agent No. 2
Steve Powell
as Bartender
Van Quattro
as Sheriff No. 1
Steven Walters
as Gas Station Attendant
Rebecca Aguilar
as Anchorwoman
Omar Leyva
as Coyote
Emily Lopez
as Reporter
Natasha Curry
as Fox News Anchor
Gocha Chertkoev
as Russian Inmate
Tron Kendrick
as Cop. No. 1
Jennifer Almaguer
as Young Hooker
Natalie Solis
as Fox Field Reporter
Werner Richmond
as Transport Van Driver
Darryl Cox
as Behaviorist
Beau Dremann
as Chicago Cop
Stuart Greer
as Grace's Father
Molly Stroud
as Teenager
Eric Gosse
as Agent Hara
Maliek Golden
as 12-Year-Old Kid
Brian Poth
as Brian Anderson
Alejandro García
as Airport Security Guard No. 2
Carlos Navarro
as Police Captain
William R. Charlton
as Sam Middleton
Nathan Castaneda
as Sancho (Inmate at Sona)
Tom Eppler
as Pawn Guy
Demi Lovato
as Danielle Curtin
Ruben Rojas
as Federale No. 1
Sam Medina
as Inmate
Kenny Alfonso
as Agent No. 1
Melissa Cutler
as Anchorwoman
Josh Ridgway
as Tech Guy
Luke King
as B. Fanatic
Evan Gamble
as Teenager
Yolanda Williams
as Ticket Agent
Leon Russum
as Pad Man
Ryan Gesell
as Public Defender
Sky Soleil
as Colorado Cop
Liz Mikel
as Female C.O.
Abel Becerra
as Pedestrian
Scott Jaeck
as Trenchcoat
Derek Phillips
as Field Cop
Paul Wright
as Sasha's Father
Taylor Nichols
as Dr. Erik Stammel
Jose Villareal
as Officer Roldan
Ingrid Sanai Buron
as Office Worker
Julian Guevera
as Federale No. 1
Dane Rhodes
as Customer
Noah Podell
as Boy Abruzzi
Mark Stoddard
as Trooper No. 2
Morgana Shaw
as Ticket Agent
S.E. Perry
as Bailiff
J. Taylor
as Alabama Cop No. 1
Brian Hunt
as High-School Kid
Kattia Prado
as Head Nurse
Shelby Davenport
as Fed. No. 1
Cameron McElyea
as Gas Station Employee
Todd Peters
as Young Husband
Marcus M. Mauldin
as Banks' Boy No. 1
Allyn Carrell
as Dust Bowl Woman
James Grace
as Fed No. 2
Irene Cortez
as Mexican Maid
LisaMarie Lamendola
as Flight Attendant
Zan Trinh
as Young Woman
Grover Coulson
as Guillermo Prismaticos
Kim Klonower
as Desk Worker
JC Alvarado
as Augusto's Driver
Clayton Paschal
as Baggage Claim Guy
Todd Upchurch
as IA lackey
Natalie Dickinson
as Kelli Foster
Cara Serber
as Woman/President Reynolds
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