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Raising Hope (2010 - 2014)

Raising Hope (2010 - 2014)





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Twenty-three-year-old Jimmy Chance adjusts to life as a single father in this comedy about a new addition to an extended dysfunctional family.
Creator: Greg Garcia

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Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2013, FOX, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2012, FOX, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Raising Hope nurses a winsome sweetness in an improved second season that shears off the comedic bits that didn't work while expounding upon the blue collar charm and gleaming heart that lured viewers in.

2011, FOX, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Thanks to a talented and well-matched cast, Raising Hope largely manages to balance crude, absurdist humor with moments of charm without languishing in one or exploiting the other.

2010, FOX, 22 episodes


Lucas Neff
as Jimmy Chance
Martha Plimpton
as Virginia Chance
Garret Dillahunt
as Burt Chance
Bijou Phillips
as Lucy Carlisle
Kate Micucci
as Shelley
Trace Garcia
as 3-year-old Jimmy
Kelly Heyer
as Teenage Virginia
Cameron Moulene
as Teenage Burt
Ryan Doom
as Wyatt
Eddie Steeples
as Tyler the Gas Man
Dan Coscino
as Dancin' Dan
Amy Sedaris
as Delilah
Jason Lee
as Smokey Floyd
Corey Eid
as Teenage Burt
Jenny Slate
as Social Worker
Lou Wagner
as Wally Phipps
Greyson Chance
as Young Jimmy
Nancy Grace
as Nancy Grace
Shirley Jones
as Burt's Mom
Melanie Griffith
as Tamara Collins
Juan Pope
as Policeman
Juan Pope
as Policeman
Jeffrey Tambor
as Arnold/Cookie Man
Gary Anthony Williams
as News Reporter
Mason Cook
as 8-year-old Jimmy
Augusta Mariano
as Teen Girl
Phill Lewis
as Donovan
Johnny Cocktails
as Officer Stan
Larry Clarke
as Bob Mellman
Lesley Nicol
as Eleanor
Lee Majors
as Burt's Dad
Fred Willard
as Mr. Swift
Christopher Lloyd
as Dennis Powers
Jake Stirzel
as 10-year-old Jimmy
Al Jones
as Stunt Driver
Luke Perry
as Ghost of Arbor Day Past, Present and Future
Kevin Foster
as Stunt Double Burt
Rosie Garcia
as Annette
Tommy Primeau
as Dale Stunt Double
Stephen Root
as Cap Collins
Colin Follenweider
as Barney Stunt Double
Vivica A. Fox
as Sarah Louise
Eric Kaldor
as Customer
Desiree A. Cooper
as 8-year-old Virginia
Alison White
as Rita Mellman
Raymond Ma
as Green Thumb
Andy Umberger
as Dr. Finklestein
Niko Posey
as Crystal
Kara Taitz
as Natalie
Doug Wax
as Missionary
Kent Avenido
as Chester
Bunny Levine
as Old Lady
Cesili Williams
as Andrea O'Donnell
Tangie Ambrose
as MacKenzie
Matt Riedy
as Scotch Wilkinson
James Keane
as Doctor Walters
Keith Carradine
as Coly Palomino
Tim Stack
as Tim Stack
Ashley Tisdale
as Mary-Louise/Improv Maw Maw
Eddie Navarro
as Skater Kid
Elijah Nelson
as Young Frank
E.E. Bell
as Terry
Matt Besser
as Crazy Michael
Blake Hogue
as Employee
Todd Sherry
as Nick Darrow
Artemis Pebdani
as Tarot Reader
Claire Jacobs
as Ms. Pembroke
Kit Pongetti
as Christy
Kiyoko Yamaguchi
as Dayoung Yun
Greg Barnett
as Instructor
Carlease Burke
as Customer #2
Anthony Alabi
as Don the Director/Improv Frank
Nikki Hester
as Sabrina Stunt Double
David Bloom
as Little Kid
David Pressman
as Dr. Snowden
Earl Schuman
as Old Man
Derik Nelson
as Young Jimmy Singer
Andy Rolfes
as Man with Clipboard
Laura Avery
as Teenage Delilah
Carla Renata
as Janice Finklebergstein
Santino Jimenez
as Day Laborer/Juan
Gwen Stewart
as Jessica
Azlan Savage
as Little Girl
Mike Avery
as Cart Pusher
Geo Corvera
as Stunt Double Rosa
Jordan Black
as Matthew
Kelli Dawn Hancock
as Officer Shanley
Justin Sundquist
as Jimmy Stunt Double
Federico Dordei
as Alejandro
Bob Rusch
as Inmate
Serdar Kalsin
as Hot Dog Vendor
Karen Maruyama
as Mrs. Hwong
Matt Yuan
as Hubert
John Emery Mariano
as 5-Year-Old Jimmy
Mary Birdsong
as Suzie Hellmann
Gavin Kent
as June Bug
Jennifer Kakuno
as Brobee (YoGabbaGabba)
Chris Pentzell
as Crew Chief
C.J. Stuart
as Justin Stunt Double
Abdul Goznobi
as Mr. Singh
Ogy Durham
as Reporter
Joe Ordaz
as Latino Inmate
Ben Begley
as Newscaster
Rob McCabe
as Neighbor
Tug Coker
as Richard Galleria
Bonnie Hellman
as Church Member
Chuti Tiu
as FOX President
David Crespin
as Muno (YoGabbaGabba)
Arielle Zimmerman
as Stunt Double Virginia
Izabela Vidovic
as 8-year-old Delilah
Ethan Kent
as June Bug
Marilyn O'Connor
as Old Person #1
Graham Clarke
as NBC President
Charme DeCator Morales
as Toodee (YoGabbaGabba)
Jackie Hoffman
as Sylvia Barnes
Amos Watene
as Plex (YoGabbaGabba)
Chris Carnel
as Stunt Double Jimmy
Eric Deskin
as BET President
Nathan Garcia
as Paper Boy
Melvin Abston
as City Worker
Alfred Dennis
as Old Person #2
Stacey Carino
as Stunt Woman
Meggin Penkal
as Stunt Double Sabrina
Jen Hansen
as Stunt Double Maw Maw
Jake Keiffer
as Track Kid
Jean Paul Ruggiero
as Stunt Double Carlos
Jen Hansen
as Stunt Double Maw Maw
Amy Hill
as Judge
Clint Jones
as ND Driver
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Series Details

TV Network: FOX
Premiere Date: Sep 21, 2010
Executive Producers: Greg Garcia, Mike Mariano
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