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Relic Hunter (1999 - 2002)

Relic Hunter (1999 - 2002)





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History professor Sydney Fox searches for lost treasures in this action series set against exotic locales. Along with her assistant Nigel Bailey, Sydney took on assignments that sent them to such venues as Paris, Cairo, New Guinea and the Czech Republic.

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2001, Syndicated, 22 episodes

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2000, Syndicated, 22 episodes

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1999, Syndicated, 22 episodes


Tia Carrere
as Sydney Fox
Christien Anholt
as Nigel Bailey
Lindy Booth
as Claudia
Tanja Reichert
as Karen Petrusky
Ellen Dubin
as Jacqueline Reed
Kevin Jubinville
as Bruce Farrow
Rena Mero
as Elizabeth
Hugh Dancy
as Previn
Joseph Scoren
as Francois
John Evans
as Van Husen
Laura Heath
as Marilyn
Ed Stoppard
as Laurent
Scott Clarke
as Malachy
Jane March
as Suzanne
James Faulkner
as Guy Rocher
Tony Anholt
as Vincent
Jeff Pustil
as Malcolm
Ian Alden
as Gray Davidson
Lori Gordon
as Lynette
David Lowe
as Gaston
Susana Vasseur
as Marie Antoinette
Jay Villiers
as Father George
Sam James
as Frederick
Claudia Christian
as Carson Inez
Kevin Milanese
as Elvis Presley
Will Corno
as Achillus
Robert Joy
as Flaubert
Roman Podhora
as Von Turgo
William Pappas
as Dean Wormer
John Gilbert
as Crispin
Mark Lutz
as Frank Newhouse
Sherry Miller
as Sister Mary
John Novak
as Rod Thorson
Fred Dryer
as Randall Fox
Damon D'Oliveira
as Siddhartha
William Colgate
as George Hall
Danielle Brett
as Joan Wyatt
Ari Cohen
as Penrose
Ron Gabriel
as Derek Beauchamps
Natasha Cashman
as Maksimovitch
Gordon Pinsent
as Jimmy Jonesboro
Alex Reid
as Simone
Bruce Myers
as Theodoric
Jeff Wincott
as Jonathan Quelch
Les Clack
as Francois
Oliver Haden
as Emil Vasay
Ken Pak
as General
Michael McPhaden
as Merrit Falsey
Tony Vanara
as Bernard
Jonathan Potts
as Neil Harris
Duane Murray
as Yong George
David Rosser
as Aztec Priest
Ken Pak
as General
Peter Mensah
as Witch Doctor
Brian Roworth
as Parrot Man
Michael Rhoades
as Homeless Man
Gaëtan Wenders
as Chevalier
Ker Wells
as Garrett
Martin Doyle
as Terrace
Ellen Dubin
as Jacqueline Reed
Francoise Klanfer
as Businessman
Henry Chan
as Senior Monk
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TV Network: Syndicated
Premiere Date: Sep 20, 1999
Genre: Action & Adventure
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