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Remington Steele (1982 - 1987)

Remington Steele (1982 - 1987)






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Stylish sleuthing involving the title character and his PI partner, Laura Holt, who team up after she invents a boss, `Remington Steele,' to lure clients who might be otherwise reluctant to hire a woman. Eight years later, star Pierce Brosnan began playing a more iconic (but no less debonair) hero, James Bond, starting with the film `GoldenEye.'

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1987, NBC, 6 episodes

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1985, NBC, 22 episodes

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1984, NBC, 22 episodes

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1983, NBC, 22 episodes

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1982, NBC, 22 episodes


Pierce Brosnan
as Remington Steele
James Read
as Murphy
Lloyd Nolan
as Himself
Gary Frank
as Det. Jarvis
Michael Constantine
as George Mulch
J.D. Cannon
as Elliot Walsh
Barbara Babcock
as Marisa Peters
Guy Boyd
as Spellman/Major
Barbara Cason
as R.J. Stonewell
Barrie Ingham
as Derek Vivyan
Mimi Kuzyk
as Moriah
John Lehne
as James Ryan
Richard Lawson
as Monroe Henderson
John Considine
as Reverend Rawlinson
John Driver
as Allan Kendall
Arthur Taxier
as Zweigenhoff
Francine Lembi
as Grace Stanton
David Huffman
as Wilson Jeffries
Fred McCarren
as Frank Dannon
Conrad Janis
as Atomic Man
Keye Luke
as Tenaka
Maggie Roswell
as Hoop Tracy
James Widdoes
as Vandermeer
Judith Light
as Clarissa Custer
Louis Giambalvo
as Jake Crowley
Marie Conmee
as Mrs. Armdale
Charles Rocket
as Gillespie
Gary Kasper
as Crunch Kramer
Don Gordon
as Dancer
Neva Patterson
as Katherine
Shannon Wilcox
as Charlotte
Jeff Pomerantz
as Alan Grievey
Jack Betts
as Walter Gallen
Quinn Cummings
as Minor Descoine
Gregg Henry
as Charly Thomas
Ray Wise
as Schwimmer
Joe Santos
as Alf Nussman
Billie Bird
as Ana Dix
Dennis Drake
as Arte Wayne
Herb Vigran
as Seymour/Fred
Stewart Moss
as Steinmetz
Andrew Bloch
as Shapiro
Michael McGuire
as Harry Swan
Clive Revill
as Dr. Harvey
Joshua Shelley
as Bulletz Bloustein
Paul Gleason
as Sheriff Nebbins
Bill Morey
as Charles Dumont
Jack Hedley
as Wainwright/Applegate
Harry Groener
as Preston Hayes
John McCook
as Norman Austin
Anne Seymour
as Mrs. Underwood
Allan Kolman
as Ivan Strelnikov
Thom Bray
as Sheldon Quarry
Bibi Osterwald
as Veronica Kirk
Ann Dusenberry
as Tracy/Roxie
Roy Dotrice
as Victor Janoff
Mark Withers
as Maxwell
Larry Gelman
as Scabbard
Paul Hecht
as Feldman
Gina Gallego
as Angelica
Carolyn Coates
as Mayor Mackenzie
G.W. Bailey
as Stockman
Teresa Ganzel
as Rita del Rio
Simon Oates
as Earl of Claridge
Sanford Jensen
as Jack Lyman
Nancy Parsons
as Nurse Blackwell
Todd Susman
as Nat Shavers
Michael Cornelison
as Richard Wilker
D.D. Howard
as Millicent Fairbush
David Byrd
as Penhaligon
Michael J. Shannon
as Frank Bigelow
Joe Dorsey
as Sheriff Clifford
Peter Jason
as Martin Rome
Rebecca Street
as Alessandra
Joel Colodner
as Mitchell
Reid Shelton
as Craddock
Frances Lee McCain
as Jennifer Kirk
Lisa Pelikan
as Christy Cordaro
Joe Lambie
as Burt Dixon
Michael McManus
as Ralph Kelsey
Gary Graham
as Butch Bemis
Jeff Rawle
as Chalky
Kim Johnston Ulrich
as Whitney Chambers
James Staley
as Lester Shane
Dennis Patrick
as Duncan Harlow
George D. Wallace
as Jake Slater
James Victor
as Chief of Police
Chris O'Neill
as Flanagan
Biff McGuire
as Raymond Kelly
Rif Hutton
as Thomas Ivory
Antony Ponzini
as Pittsburgh Phil
Milton Johns
as Smithers
Raymond Singer
as Waldo Church
Lyman Ward
as Forsyth
Joanna Barnes
as Claudette
Daniel Davis
as Pierre Fumar
Ron Masak
as Cranston
Tom Everett
as Prancer
Susan Strasberg
as Miss Cooper
David Warner
as Sabastien
Marco St. John
as Doc Gridley
John Larroquette
as Nathan Fitts
Jean Smart
as Gloria
Rebecca Holden
as Windsor Thomas
Tom Baker
as Anatole Blaylock
Ken Swofford
as Harrigan
James Ray
as Laidlow
Angharad Rees
as Katherine Galt
William Frankfather
as Frank Willard
Maria Rubeu
as Conchita
Joan McMurty
as Jessica
Charles Woolf
as Lou Mackler
Jerry Hardin
as McKenzie
Michael Bell
as Bill Miles
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Series Details

TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Oct 1, 1982
Genre: Action & Adventure
Executive Producer: Michael Gleason
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