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Rhoda ( - 1978)

Rhoda ( - 1978)




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Mary Richards' neurotic pal returns to Manhattan and her kvetchy family in this spin-off from `The Mary Tyler Moore Show.' The previously dateless Rhoda finally found love and wed (which proved to be a fatal mistake for the series), but Emmy-winner Valerie Harper's portrayal of her heartbreak when her marriage later shattered gave the show a touching emotional core, as did the wonderful Julie Kavner as Rhoda's insecure sister Brenda.

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1978, CBS, 13 episodes

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1977, CBS, 24 episodes

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1976, CBS, 24 episodes

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1975, CBS, 24 episodes

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1974, CBS, 25 episodes


Valerie Harper
as Rhoda Morgenstern Gerard
David Groh
as Joe Gerard
Julie Kavner
as Brenda Morgenstern
Lorenzo Music
as Carlton the Doorman
Nancy Walker
as Ida Morgenstern
Harold Gould
as Martin Morgenstern
Todd Turquand
as Donny Gerard
Candice Azzara
as Alice Barth
Richard Masur
as Nick Lobo
Wes Stern
as Lenny Fiedler
Barbara Sharma
as Myrna Morgenstern
Scoey Mitchell
as Justin Culp
Ron Silver
as Gary Levy
Anne Meara
as Sally Gallagher
Michael Delano
as Johnny Venture
Ray Buktenica
as Benny Goodwin
Kenneth McMillan
as Jack Doyle
Rafael Campos
as Ramon Diaz Jr.
Georgia Engel
as Georgette
Ruth Gordon
as Carlton's Mother
Tim Matheson
as Michael
Norman Burton
as Ben Levy
Renee Lippin
as Allison
Leland Palmer
as Kelly Fisk
Sharon Redd
as Sherrye
Larry Gelman
as Wendell
K Callan
as Dr. Sanders
Fredd Wayne
as Kevin Sullivan
Brian Avery
as Eric Jurgenson
David Landsberg
as Steve Miller
Ron Vernon
as Dr. Gelson
Lee Vines
as George
Jeremy Stevens
as Marty Davidson
Charles Siebert
as Dr. Berger
Ron Wilson
as The Great Waldo
Doris Roberts
as Sylvia Levy
David Ogden Stiers
as Dr. Dreiser
Peter Hobbs
as Parsons
Milt Oberman
as Dr. Hiller
Jon Lormer
as Steiner
Joseph Perry
as Carpenter
Lee Delano
as Dr. Litton
Frank Conn
as Harris
Elizabeth Kerr
as Mrs. Varga
Robert Costanzo
as Buonaconti
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TV Network: CBS
Genre: Comedy
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