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This is the first episode of the animated Robotech television series. Although this program uses the same animated footage as the popular science fiction Japanese series, Macross, the English-dubbed version incorporates a revised storyline that was altered to accommodate American syndication and toy merchandising. Although most fans of the animated genre prefer the original Japanese version, this series, alongside the cult classic, Speed Racer, was probably the most successful introduction of "Japanimation" to American audiences. The first episode, "Booby Trap," begins in the year 2009, as the government of Earth has restored a crash-landed spaceship to full working order and used its mysterious technology to design a new generation of advanced aircraft. However, its activation attracts an alien force that has been searching the galaxy for this vessel, now called the SDF-1, and the launch ceremony on the Pacific island of Macross is interrupted by a massive assault from space. Rick Hunter, a young circus stunt pilot, is caught in the crossfire, unaware of the role that he will play in the events soon to come. Unexpectedly, many fans of this series became as interested in the loves and relationships of Rick Hunter and the crew of the SDF-1 as they were in the epic storyline.


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