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Life is slowly returning to normal on the ship; even Minmei's family's restaurant is reopening the day after she and Rick were rescued. Rick overhears a conversation with Minmei, and he's surprised to hear her say that they're just friends, despite everything they went through. Meanwhile, the captain meets with the chief engineer, who informs him that the loss of the warp system has disconnected the guns from the ship's power source. The only way to reconnect the guns is to use the ship's modular capabilities -- essentially transforming the fortress, a risky maneuver. On the Zentraedi flagship, commander Breetai is informed by his advisor Exedore that their human adversaries are "micronians" -- a fraction of the Zentraedi's size. His research has also turned up a warning that the Zentraedi are to avoid all contact with micronians. Breetai decides to deploy a small force to attack the SDF-1 as a test of the humans' capabilities. Pushed to the brink, Gloval executes the transformation maneuver. Much of the city is destroyed yet again, but the enemy is beaten back -- for now.


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