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Bye-Bye Mars


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When SDF-1 receives a signal from nearby Mars Base Sara, they decide to investigate -- the base was thought to be destroyed during the last war. Little do they know that the signal is fake, part of a trap laid by the Zentraedi. To Exedore's astonishment, the division Breetai has called in for this job is under the command of Khyron, a reckless captain with such utter disregard for life and protocol that he willfully sacrifices his own men to get the job done. When the SDF-1 receives the distress call, Lisa begins to hope that her fiancé, who had been stationed at the base, might still be alive. The SDF-1 touches down near the base to investigate and replenish supplies, and Lisa enters the base to see if she can find any sign of her lost love. The Zentraedi spring their trap, using gravity mines to keep SDF-1 pinned to the ground. To destroy the mines, Captain Gloval orders Lisa to overload the base's furnace -- eradicating any hope she may have of finding her fiancé.


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