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The Big Escape


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Breetai, Exedore, and Dolza discuss the possibility of shrinking -- or "micronizing" -- Zentraedi soldiers to infiltrate SDF-1 in an effort to understand human culture and find the secrets of protoculture. Meanwhile Max, who had managed to sneak on board the ship before it went into hyperspace, breaks Rick, Lisa, and Ben out of their prison. Max's Battloid is destroyed during their escape, and the four humans are separated. An irritated Dolza relieves Breetai of command, replacing him with Azonia, a woman who is one of their finest commanders. As the humans hide from the pursuing soldiers, Rick and Lisa bury their differences and start to bond. As the Zentraedi approach SDF-1, the four humans find each other at a loading dock and board a ship that's preparing to take off. Little do they know that the micronized Zentraedi are on the same ship, about to be delivered to SDF-1. Azonia's forces engage the SDF-1's forces in combat, using the battle as cover to sneak the spies on board. The humans also commandeer a battle pod and do the same, hoping to make contact with SDF-1 before they're destroyed.


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