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Battle Cry


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Rick, Max, and the bridge crew are at the Minmei family restaurant, where a party is being thrown to celebrate Kyle's reunion with his parents. Rick isn't sure of how to deal with Minmei's handsome distant cousin. Not only does he seem to have most of her affection, his anti-military rhetoric gets on his nerves. Lisa is also uncomfortable around Kyle -- his face and his manner remind her of her dead fiancé. Things go from bad to worse when a TV broadcast breaks the news that SDF-1's civilians will not be allowed to resettle. When the crowd turns ugly, Kyle reveals his phenomenal martial arts skills. Meanwhile, Khyron launches an attack on the SDF-1 against Azonia's orders. Again, Azonia launches her forces to make Khyron break off the attack -- but not before a distracted Lisa launches a missile barrage on Khyron's cruiser, with Rick right in the path of missiles.


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