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Battle Hymn


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Dolza, the Zentraedi Supreme Commander, reviews footage of the SDF-1's battle over Ontario as well as recordings of Kyle in his martial arts movie. Dolza ponders the humans' possible mastery of protoculture and the threat of their power, and orders Breetai to capture some more humans for thorough examination and testing. Once they have learned what they need and captured the ship, he is prepared to destroy the Earth and every living human, fearful that prolonged contact with their culture could be dangerous -- unaware that the Zentraedi spies have already been spreading the allure of human culture among the troops. Although confused by the unfamiliar feelings at first, the Zentraedi soldiers are taken with Minmei's singing and begin planning to secretly micronize themselves and defect. They are given their opportunity when Breetai enacts Exedore's plan to get Zentraedi battle pods to infiltrate the battle fortress and capture it from within. Rick, his dedication to protecting Minmei renewed, pursues the battle pods into the city.


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