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Khyron is enjoying the carnage, feeling victory within his grasp. But to his horror, many of the Zentraedi have become enthralled with Minmei's singing and no longer want to fight. As an enraged Khyron hunts his own men down in the shattered streets of Macross City, Rick makes it to the amphitheater just in time to see Kyle kissing Minmei. Dejected, he turns away before he can witness her rebuking Kyle. Disturbed by reports of mass desertion, Breetai recalls the Zentraedi forces in the hope of containing and interrogating the insurgents. Rick is later called in to witness something astonishing: the three original Zentraedi spies have requested political asylum for their people. Lisa, Max, Rick, and Gloval are inclined to give it a try, but some of the hawks on the panel block every attempt at integration with alien beings -- until a medical report indicates that they are biologically identical. After the tribunal, Rick and Lisa discuss the aftermath of the destruction, and Lisa encourages Rick to tell Minmei how he feels. Lisa decides that they need to stop the war before humans and Zentraedi annihilate each other and returns to Earth to convince the chiefs of staff.


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