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Lisa prepares to secretly return to Earth in the hopes of convincing the United Earth Government to acknowledge the political asylum granted to the defecting Zentraedi, and hopefully present the medical evidence that will open the door to negotiations. Just as the shuttle is about to take off, Lisa calls Rick for a heartfelt farewell and tells him she may not be allowed to return. Desolate, Rick watches her shuttle take off, wishing she had told him sooner. Khyron launches an attack on the shuttle and its escorts, and Rick is called into duty piloting his heavily modified Super Veritech. He easily dispatches Khyron's men and as he escorts the shuttle for the rest of the trip, he confesses to Lisa that he'll miss her when she's gone. Later, in an effort to get Rick out of his funk, Max takes Rick to the local arcade. Max, of course, is a natural and wins at every game. As he's about to leave, he spots Miriya playing the same game he loves. Having seen her around, he decides to ask her to play against him. He defeats Miriya and manages to arrange a date in the park before she stalks off in a huff. Meanwhile, on Earth, Lisa discovers to her horror that while the chiefs of staff are open to peace talks, they're preparing to use their secret Grand Cannon as a show of force. Back on the ship, Rick sees Kyle practically propose to Minmei on TV and realizes things are truly over.


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