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Wedding Bells


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Max is waiting for Miriya in the park, nervously anticipating their first date, not at all suspecting that she's lying in wait, anticipating the right moment to strike. When she lunges at Max with a knife, he is stunned; but, defending himself, he manages to defeat her again, to her shame. She begs him to kill her and instead he proposes to her. Overwhelmed by strange emotions, she accepts. The SDF-1 pulls out all the stops for the historic wedding and Gloval uses the occasion to speak out on the possibility of peace between humans and the Zentraedi. The Zentraedi are also monitoring the wedding broadcast, and Breetai and Exedore are concerned that even Miriya has fallen to the allure of human culture. Supreme Commander Dolza, infuriated, orders that the SDF-1 and the planet Earth be destroyed to end the threat of further contamination once and for all. Breetai reluctantly mobilizes his forces, but many of his men refuse to fight, not wanting to kill their Zentraedi comrades on the SDF-1. He withdraws his forces, knowing that by doing so he has sealed his own fate.


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