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False Start


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Lieutenant Sean Philips, commander of the 15th Tactical Armored Squadron, has been busted for making a pass at a superior officer's daughter, putting Second Lieutenant Dana Sterling in charge. Some of the squad, like the no-nonsense Angelo Dante, aren't too thrilled with the idea of a flighty teenager leading the division. His fears seem to be borne out when Dana impulsively decides to take her new command out for a practice drill despite the base being on yellow alert. Their joyride takes them to an air base on the outskirts of town, where Dana's attempt at a friendly drink with Marie Crystal's squad leads to a brawl. Meanwhile, the Robotech Masters have disabled Space Station Liberty, Earth's only contact with the Robotech Expeditionary Force. Brigadier General Rolf Emerson puts the squads on general alert, and the world wonders: Is this the return of the Zentraedi, or some new threat?


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