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Half Moon


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During a routine night patrol, Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant come across a suspicious amount of activity near what should be an off-limits area: the final resting place of the SDF-1, in what used to be New Macross City. Despite orders to avoid the restricted area, they stop to investigate and find enemy bioroids excavating, under the direction of the same red bioroid that has haunted Dana since their first encounter. Dana and Bowie are soon discovered, and Bowie is captured. When Dana returns to headquarters to report what's happened, she is heartbroken when Brigadier General Emerson -- Bowie's godfather -- declares that there will be no rescue mission until they can assess the aliens' strengths, weaknesses, and objectives. She returns to base and decides to mount a rescue mission under the cover of practice maneuvers. This time, she encounters the red bioroid pilot outside of his cockpit, and the two share a strange sense of recognition.


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