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Danger Zone


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One of the Robotech Masters' fortresses, now known to be under the command of an alien named Zor, remains in low Earth orbit. Zor's people remain strangely quiet, until they attack a suburban base and kill or capture everyone there. In the aftermath, General Rolf Emerson's pleas to acquire more information before attacking are overruled by Supreme Commander Leonard's hawkish desire to prove Earth's mettle on the battlefront. Earth's forces never have a chance; every last fighter is destroyed in a matter of minutes. After the battle, scientists analyzing the remains of a fallen bioroid find that the pilots have the form and genetic complexity of human beings. Meanwhile Louie Nichols, the 15th Squad's resident genius, has deduced a weakness in the fortress' structure -- not enough to destroy it, but enough to get it out of orbit. Now all that remains is to convince General Emerson that their plan will work.


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