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Prelude to Battle


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Thanks to the cunning of the 15th Squadron, the United Earth Government's forces have succeeded in knocking Zor's battle fortress out of the sky. The fortress has crashed near Monument City, but it's far from defeated. All attempts at attacking are brutally repelled, and the 15th is forced to retreat due to fatigue. Angelo has noticed that Bowie is making small but potentially significant mistakes on the battlefield, and Dana begins to notice his increasing melancholy as he feels the pull between dreams of being a jazz pianist and the reality of being a soldier. Later, the chiefs of staff decide to follow Brigadier General Emerson's plan to insert a reconnaissance team into the enemy battle fortress in an effort to learn more about the Robotech Masters. The 15th is selected for the job, though Emerson is pained by the choice because of his promise to take care of Bowie.


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