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Metal Fire


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The recon mission is declared a success; with the information gathered by the 15th Squadron, the United Earth Government has confirmed that the Robotech Masters are in search of the last known protoculture matrix buried among the remains of the SDF-1. That their population seems to be made up mostly of humanoid clones has proven to be no salve for some. While anti-alien sentiment begins to run even higher in the enlisted ranks, Dana Sterling finds herself plagued with doubt and distaste -- she is, after all, only half-human. Bowie Grant is still haunted by the image of the alien woman he met in the flagship; unknown to him, she and her sisters use their music in the service of the Robotech Masters to control their population. Later, Dana and Louie Nichols are called in to see the results of high command's tests on a captured bioroid and its pilot. Although the data is inconclusive -- and over Dana's objections -- Supreme Commander Leonard insists that the Masters are little more than programmed androids, and decides that nothing short of wiping them out is satisfactory.


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