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The Robotech Masters analyze the civilian humans that they have captured and determine that they are a primitive, backwards species. In order to learn more about the humans' knowledge of protoculture, they decide to plant a spy in their midst named Zor-Prime, a clone of the Robotech Master who first unlocked the secrets of protoculture, will be placed among the humans, unwittingly relaying everything he sees and hears. It's a desperate plan for desperate times; the Masters must do everything they can to regain the protoculture before the arrival of the Invid. On Earth, Dana falls hard for a talented, gentlemanly singer named George, who she discovers is secretly working for the Global Military Police. She wants to confront him about how he used her for information, but she has no time. The Masters have signaled one of the ships from their fleet to join them. Marie Crystal's squad scrambles to meet the ship in space, while the 15th Squadron is mobilized to meet them on the ground.


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