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Over Brigadier General Emerson's objections, Supreme Commander Leonard has planned a massive, all-out surprise attack on the alien armada. Marie Crystal's squad will be piloting the new AJACS transforming assault choppers as part of the assault's spearhead, while Dana Sterling and the rest of the ground forces are being held in reserve. Dana doesn't mind being held back, as it provides more time to work on getting Zor's memory back. It seems to be working; a chance view of Dana in an angled mirror reminds Zor that the Robotech Masters must act in threes. Later, as the battle in space rages, Dana and Bowie brings Zor to the three mounds that are all that remain from the SDF-1's final battle. Deep inside one of the mounds, they discover a collection of mysterious flowers that grow in threes. Zor can't put his finger on it, but he gets the strange feeling that the flowers are calling out to something far away.


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