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Clone Chamber


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The tattered remains of Earth's once-proud battle fleet retreats to the abandoned Moon Base Alice on the dark side of the moon. Supreme Commander Leonard, unwilling to acknowledge the fiasco the attack has become, orders that Moon Base Alice, a research station, be converted for military use and used as a launching point for part of the second wave. Things aren't going that well for the Robotech Masters, either. As their supplies of protoculture dwindle, the ships' systems aren't performing at their peak. Furthermore, reports from Zor Prime's neuro-sensor have confirmed that the Invid Flowers of Life are growing amid the protoculture matrix in the ruins of the SDF-1, and the Masters must be prepared for the possible coming of the Invid. The clone populace is having problems as well, and Musica in particular, finds herself tormented by constant thoughts of Bowie Grant. The Masters decide to take a more active hand in Zor's monitoring, using him to discover Earth's attack plans well in advance.


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