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Love Song


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As Earth's forces regroup for a second offensive against the Robotech Masters, people prepare themselves for the times ahead in their own ways. Supreme Commander Leonard, tired of General Rolf Emerson's constant pleas for a more moderate approach, has assigned Emerson and his men to lead the attack forces in space. Emerson is resigned to obeying his orders, but determined to do everything it takes to come back alive. Captain Komodo enlists the help of Dana Sterling in professing his love for Nova Satori before he's sent off to join the attack forces, which suits Dana just fine -- she's gotten tired of Zor's constant snubbing as he unknowingly uses Nova to get more information for the Robotech Masters. Marie Crystal and Sean Philips continue their courtship. And through it all, Bowie Grant and General Emerson, his godfather, try to find the words to say to each other before what may be the general's last mission.


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