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The Hunters


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As Earth's forces and the Robotech Masters' fleet prepare for their next confrontation, the Masters find themselves face-to-face with a new development. They have detected an Invid sensor nebula, scanning for traces of protoculture. Their mission is now increasingly urgent; they must recover the protoculture matrix before the sensor nebula detects the Flowers of Life and the feared Invid come to consume them. On Earth, a lost wager prompts Louie Nichols to design a sophisticated firing and tracking system for their battle simulators, which piques the interest of two researchers from high command -- but not, it turns out, the kind of interest Louie is comfortable with. Meanwhile, General Emerson's forces prepare to smash through the Robotech Masters' fleet in order to rendezvous with their comrades on Moon Base Luna, and are surprised when they slip through untouched. Their relief is short-lived when they discover that the Robotech Masters have quietly surrounded them.


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