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The remains of Earth's fleet under Brigadier General Emerson have made their rendezvous on Moon Base Luna with a detachment from Space Station Liberty. As they prepare to launch the second offensive against the Robotech Masters, the next wave of combat personnel prepare themselves for launch from the Earth. As the 15th Squadron waits impatiently for the order to launch, squad members start to argue among themselves out of anxiety, until Zor reminds them that they're fighting for their survival and freedom. The Robotech Masters themselves are puzzled as to why the Earth's forces are preparing to attack them when the far greater mutual threat of the Invid looms ever larger. As the space-bound fleet takes to the air, Bowie Grant confesses to Dana Sterling that he's terrified of what's to come. Furthermore, knowing that the Robotech Masters' soldiers are people like Zor, he's not sure that he has it in him to kill them.


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