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Dana in Wonderland


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Everyone's worst nightmare has come to pass: Zor has seemingly turned traitor, betraying his squad mates once they'd breached and entered the Robotech Masters' flagship. Unbeknownst to them, his behavior has been caused by the Robotech Masters reasserting their control over their clone. To the Robotech Masters' dismay, their control over Zor Prime is far from absolute. Exposure to humans and possibly the further awakening of the original Zor's memory have caused him to become confused. The 15th Squadron manages to survive his attack, though now they must find a way to escape the ship. Leaving their hovertanks behind in an attempt to find and seize the command center, the squad tries to blend in with the civilian populace. When they become separated, Dana stumbles upon a group of clones who are being reprogrammed to eliminate individual thought. Bowie is reunited with Musica, and the two profess their love for each other.


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