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Crisis Point


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The surviving members of the 15th Squadron sit imprisoned in a holding cell on board the Robotech Masters' flagship, as the Masters themselves observe them with keen interest. While they ponder how best to dispose of them, their advisors suggest that they wait until Zor Prime has been completely reprogrammed, a task made all the more difficult in light of his extended exposure to human culture. As if to underscore this, they soon get word that Zor has managed to escape confinement. In their chambers, Musica confesses to her sister that she can't get Bowie out of her mind, and that she is guilty of individual thought. When Musica learns that Zor has escaped -- and that his fate is directly tied to the 15th Squad's -- she runs out into the city in search of Zor, and hopefully some answers. What no one knows is that Zor is wandering the streets in a daze, his memory flashing back to his time on Earth.


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