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The Invid Invasion


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Far off in space, the Invid Regis detects the massive buildup of mutated protoculture -- the last known supply in the universe -- triggered by the end of the Second Robotech War on Earth. She transports her entire race to the planet, easily defeating the remaining armies of the United Earth Government and turning the Earth into a giant slave colony, designed purely for harvesting the Invid Flower of Life to process into protoculture. Years later, a detachment of starships from Rick Hunter's expeditionary fleet arrives, intending to spearhead an offensive to take back the Earth. On board one of these starships, a bright young pilot named Scott Bernard proposes to his girlfriend, bridge crew member Marlene, before joining the first wave. The attack goes disastrously, with Scott the only survivor of the Invid counterstrike. Crash-landing on Earth, he decides that the only thing he can do is try to find Reflex Point, the Invid command center and home of the Regis.


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