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The Lost City


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Scott Bernard's lonely mission to find and destroy the Invid Reflex Point might become a little less lonely -- if, that is, he can convince a young loner named Rand, who has recovered a Cyclone transformable motorcycle, to join him on his mission. Scott quickly learns that many people on Earth aren't necessarily keen on the military, nor on helping him out. To Scott's amazement, people's spirits have been shattered after the Invid conquest, so soon on the heels of the war against the Robotech Masters. Scott and Rand meet and befriend a young girl named Annie, as well as her older boyfriend, Ken, who promises to lead them to an island where they can regroup with other resistance fighters. To their horror, they discover that Ken has set them up -- and they soon find themselves surrounded by Invid fighters, with no hope of escape or rescue -- until a mysterious woman in a red Cyclone shows up.


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