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Lonely Soldier Boy


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Scott, Rand, and Annie come across a small village, where a young, popular rock star named Yellow Dancer attempts to recapture the spirit of Lynn Minmei, her songs providing comfort to a tired populace. When a bunch of young punks try to start trouble with Yellow Dancer, she proves more than able to defend herself -- and so does a young woman who decides to help out. Scott immediately recognizes her as their recent savior with the red Cyclone, but he finds himself rebuffed when he returns the favor and drives the punks off. While Scott tries to understand how the townspeople could be so lawless, the same troublemakers chase down some locals, kidnapping one of them and telling the other, Lunk, to meet them at the outskirts of town if he wants see his friend alive again. The showdown is interrupted by the arrival of the Invid, and in the fires of battle, Scott gains new allies: Rook Bartley (the young woman) and Lancer (a resistance fighter who operates under the cover of Yellow Dancer).


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