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Hard Times


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Buoyed by the recent success of their spectacular raid, Scott and his fellow resistance fighters continue on their journey toward Reflex Point. As they stop outside of a nearby town, Rook becomes lost in thought; this is the town where she grew up and where she eventually left behind Romy, her old boyfriend and one-time gang leader. She remembers all too well how he seemingly abandoned her before a showdown with another gang, the Red Snakes. Haunted by her memories, she returns to her old home in the middle of the night -- and finds that Romy has taken up with her sister and abandoned the fight against the Red Snakes. Without any real resistance, the Red Snakes have grown in number and taken over the town. While Romy tries to explain his past actions, the leader of the Red Snakes gets wind of Rook's presence and decides to catch up on old times.


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