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Lunk asks Scott and the other resistance fighters to make a slight detour during their travels. Back when he was a soldier, Lunk was forced to abandon one of his comrades during an Invid attack, a shame he lives with to this day. Since then, he's been carrying around a book for his friend, which he'd promised he would give to his father, Alfred Nader. Pedro, who owns a restaurant in the town, sees the approaching freedom fighters and quickly alerts the town, fearing that they have come seeking retribution for Alfred Nader. As the band enters the town, they are puzzled by the empty streets, and the way Pedro tries to brush them off. When Lunk asks about Nader, Pedro becomes visibly agitated and claims he's never heard of him. Lunk and Rand decide to get to the bottom of this mystery, but an investigation on the outskirts of town puts them in the path of an angry mob. When they return for reinforcements, they discover their friends and equipment are missing. A confrontation with the mayor reveals what has happened to their friends, as well as the horrible truth behind Alfred Nader's disappearance.


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