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From deep within Reflex Point, the Invid Regis observes the pockets of resistance fighters still at large. Though she does not consider them a real threat, she plans to eliminate them before they become and even greater thorn in her side -- especially since she is working on the development of a new form for the Invid in her Genesis pits. Meanwhile, a stopover at a town brings happy news for Scott. Not only is the town a haven for soldiers fighting against a nearby Invid stronghold, but they're led by legendary war hero Jonathan Wolff -- a man whose exploits inspired a generation of soldiers, including Scott. Impressed that these men are holding their own against the Invid, Scott is nonetheless puzzled by their carefree attitudes. They seem to think that Wolff and his elite Wolff Pack will hold off the Invid on their own. But Scott puts his doubts aside when Wolff asks him to become a member of the Wolff Pack.


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