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The Genesis Pit


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The Invid, in their most basic form, are but raw protoplasm. Through the use of protoculture and the Invid Flower of Life, the Invid Regis is able to manipulate their form as needed. The Regis has a master plan: she intends to transform the Invid into the best life form suitable for living on Earth, to supplant the human race. In order to find this form, the Regis uses her Genesis Pit to clone creatures from throughout Earth's history to see which is best suited for the planet. As it happens, the Genesis Pit is located in the very same snowy mountain that Scott Bernard and his band of freedom fighters are passing through, looking for shelter. Scott, Rand, and Annie fall into the Genesis Pit, and find themselves surrounded by creatures that should be long extinct. When the Regis realizes that Rand has figured out what the Invid are up to, she speaks through Annie and gives them a warning: Humankind's time on Earth is limited.


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